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Tracking the status and interpreting the data are very important in every business, no matter how small or large the company is. These statistics, reports and data help businesses make right choices and succeed in their respective fields. Even if your business is flying high at the moment, it is must to know where it is going and how did it reach that position?


To really understand what’s working for your business and what is not — you need a good analytics system. Your business will follow a blind path, without a good analytic tool.


When considering analytic tools that your business needs, there is plethora of options that can be overwhelming. The rule is often regarded as 90/10 rule, which means — if you spend $100 on analytics, you should spend $10 on data and $90 to filter all the data.


The key to a successful business strategy is investing in the right web analytic tools. Here are top 5 web analytic tools that ever business owner should know about. Obviously, you won’t be using all the tools all of the time.  However, it is beneficial to know about some of the best tools and choose one that fit into your marketing strategy. Remember that you need to make only one choice, as using multiple tools may not give you further levels of your success rate.

Go through the below list and start using today to drive success tomorrow.


1. Google Analytics

You might be wondering why the list of best web analytic tools always start with ‘Google Analytics’. Well, it is truly awesome. In a study it was found that more than 55% of businesses rely on Google Analytics. This powerful web analytics tool can track huge load of data, that includes – traffic source, visitor’s activities on the site,bounces, exit pages, funnel analysis, how often the visitor visits your website and so on.

You can get a detailed search analysis by connecting the Google analytics account with Google Search Console. Besides the above data, Google analytics also provides invaluable information to improve your site’s content, SEO, PPC, blog, content marketing campaigns etc. The main drawback of this tool is that it takesmore time to update, compared to other web analytics tools.

Google Analytics is a free tool with customizable Dashboard that could do anything from recording data on a specific day to specific increase/decrease in certain actions.


2. Clicky Analytics

Clicky Analytics has been making its way in the world of online marketing since its launch. This is the first tool that users migrate to from Google Analytics. The only difference is that the information is updatedfrom Clicky is in real time, whereas, you will get the information from Google Analytics for the day before.

If you want an overall analytics package that offers access to real tine data, Clicky Analytics is the best choice. Being a comprehensive web analytic tool with real time data and other features, Clickyis beneficial for businesses that need real-time tracking.

This wonderful web analytic tool is known to provide more details per interface compared to Google Analytics. It is very simple and extremely easy to use. It provides detailed view of every activity on the site allowing you to track dynamic goals.

Click is a free tool up to 3,000 daily page views. However, sites with a higher page view need to pay a monthly fee of minimum $9.99/month.


Most popular web analytics tools


3. Mint

This is another important and must-use web analytic tool. It comes at a great price of $30 per site, but with no recurring cost afterwards. This tool helps you track page views, customer activity, events and many more. The Live Chat feature of Mint sets it apart from others. Site owners and marketers can engage in real time conversion with their customers. You can also learn how to take immediate actions in seconds using this tool.

Mint web analytics will help you identify where your interest is being generated and over what. Being an extensible and self-hosted web site analysis program, it helps you find all the relevant data at a glance. Mint enables you to have more control over your website. It provides real-time statistics and data along with a separate view for traffic generated from images.

The extremely friendly and easy-to-use dashboard is a huge plus. Isn’t it quite cool? Check it today to know more about its features and benefits.


4. Woopra

Woopra is another best web analytics tool for real-time tracking. It is a desktop application that feeds on the live visitor stats including geographic and demographic data. You are allowed to live chat with individual site visitors, which is really a beneficial feature for e-commerce sites.

Users are allowed to sync all the customer data and track their activity in real time. Every user is provides a comprehensive profile that allow them to track activity not only from website, but from other touch points such as –email and help desk.

Based on the user behavior, you can build dynamic customer segments that are updated automatically in real-time. Woopra offers a freebie plan as well as there are several paid options. It is quite flexible and integrates well with a wide range of tools like – Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, WordPress etc.


5. Open Web Analytics

If you are looking for a simple and effective tool, Open Web Analytics is the best one. It is easy compared to other Analytics tools. In fact, it is the best alternative of all the above tools. Open Web Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track and analyze how people use websites and related applications.

If you really want to know how customers interact with your website and what interactions they had with your site, use Open Web Analytics. Being an open source option to Google Analytics, it provides similar dataset. It is comparable to Google Analytics with emphasis on the open source nature of the tool.

All you need to do is tag the websites you wish to track and access the report in real-time. Though it is not different from other analytics tools, you will surely be impressed with the overall features of Open Web Analytics.


Wrapping up!

If you have plans to turn your website into a successful business, it is important to keep track of the traffic and statistics. Find a good analytics tool from the above, try it out and measure the success with the data provided. Help your site move in the right direction and make changes if needed. Remember that web analytics is just a tool, and you need to take concrete action based on the reports to see positive results.



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