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Autokuca is one of the world’s leading company that sells new and used cars online and deals with other car advertisements in Montenegro. With the passion for cars and the strong desire to offer something fresh and conceived to ease the use for end users, Autokuca came up with a new project “Autokuć” - A classified cars website where you can list your ads in multiple categories e.g. for Cars, trucks, buses, engines, machine equipment and parts.

Autokuca always works on improving services provided to its end users by taking care of their requirements and keeps striving to serve them better by giving them something new and fresh.

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About Project

Client: Autokuca Ltd, Business Center, Topolica, Jovana Tomasevica G9, 1st Floor, 85000, Bar Montenegro, Montenegro

Website URL:

Business Requirements

Need of a customized online website for car listings and posting of advertisements for dealers and private users. And also for growing it’s new and used cars, bikes, boats and other heavy vehicles business.

Multiple User Account Types - Business, Personal

Key Challenges

Autokuca wanted to focus on building a portal that was customized and built with such a platform that would offer services and features so that customers could buy and sell new and used cars and also post their advertisements. Autokuca wanted to build website features as per customer’s unique requirements.

They wanted a website that was multilingual so that it would benefit all customers across the globe and would not limit the business spread.

For security of the website and preventing it from being hacked Autokuca wanted some extra functionality. Added functionalities such as search function compare function, blogs, photo gallery, integration with Social networking sites and much more were needed.

Business Users Listing


We had several discussions and exchanged number of documents to gain a thorough understanding of all the requirements. We built an online website using CakePHP framework version 2X, along with customized blogging facility. Our technology stack comprised of the backend PHP 5.4, MySQL 5.1 Database along with JavaScript, CSS and Ajax. We chose CakePHP as it offers rich custom interfaces and robust functionality that matched Autokuca’s website requirements. The website is mainly designed to cater to two types of users a) Dealers and b) Private Users. Dealers are those users who own showrooms or stores, and private users are users want to buy or sell vehicles.

We made the website responsive to ensure it suited well to the need of customers who are tech-savvy and could access it via mobiles, tablets and other such devices. We made use of extensions for a number of smaller functionalities. For the security of the website and preventing it from being hacked we built plugins which offer a two step login instead of a single step for added protection.


Salient Features of our Solution:

  • Email alerts to customers: Any update related to the Dealer/Private User account, payment information, etc are sent to the dealer or the private customers respectively on a regular basis
  • Newsletter: A user can subscribe to newsletters on a daily/weekly/ monthly basis. Based on the subscription the administrator sends out customised emails, photos, videos, and other relevant content to the users.
  • Search: This feature allows users to search online. There is an option to search by Dealer names and all the relevant details will be displayed. Searching by private user names will not generate detailed results, but will only display limited details.
  • Dealer Plans: Dealers who own showrooms or stores can register for free and list ads for vehicles for a limited time period. They have to select the payment option at the end of the registration process. If Dealers select the Basic Plan they do not have to bear any charges and will get only basic facilities and features. Whereas if they select a semi featured plan or a Premium plan they will get advanced features and functionality at an affordable price. Dealers can choose one of the Plans, depending on the volume of their business, as well as the characteristics of the plan.
    • oBasic – The basic plan offers basic features such as creating ads, ad listing for a limited period
    • oSemi featured / Premium – These plans offer advanced features such as ad listing on home page for a longer time period. The ad will appear in the search option.
  • Post Advertisements: Private users can post 2 ads for free. For additional ads they need to bear minimum charges as applicable.
  • Compare: This feature allows the users to compare multiple vehicles at the same time. The comparison helps them to take better decisions.
  • Blogs: The blog section is custom built. Users can read blog posts and provide comments from facebook or from the site itself.
  • Photo Gallery: This feature displays photos, as well as YouTube videos.
  • Free Registration: Registration is free and is necessary because every registered user gets the User Control Panel through which the ads are managed. There is complete freedom and flexibility of adding new advertisements, pause or delete existing ones, upgrade to premium ads. All registered users automatically participate in all competitions that are organized, promotions and surveys
  • Easy Checkout: The user can checkout easily without hassle using two options for checkout.
  • Hassle free Payment via PayPal: This feature allows the customers to pay online via Payment Gateways such as PayPal: The user is redirected to the payment site. It is a bank transfer payment card via PayPal. In this way we would like to facilitate and accelerate the process itself for the end user.
  • Social Network Integrations This feature allows users to share advertisements, and send emails to friends via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, gmail and the like.
  • Multilingual site: This site offers content in more than one language as per the requirement of the customers across the globe.


Using modern web hosting services, as well as the technologies that are used on the site, Autokuca is able to offer services that are easy to use and fast. Autokuca administrators ensure the smooth operation of all services and provide the continuity of stability and functionality. Being a multilingual site it caters to a larger audience.

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