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Dedicated to all game shoppers, Broke Gamer delivers the best of the best video game deals online. Whether you are buying a game for your PC, console or mobile, this one-of-a-kind app ensures the purchase of your favorite games is accompanied with irresistible deals enabling you to save for your future game shopping! Brought to you by Slainte, LLC, this all feature application is for users who intend to get updated with the latest gaming deals in every category!

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About Project

Client: Slainte LLC, New York, United States

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Business Requirements

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The idea was to enable the game lovers discover cheap gaming deals on Android and iOS smartphones. Promatics with years of experience in designing award winning apps, was considered apt for the same. Client wanted a solution that could accomplish the following:

  • To update game shoppers with the latest deals on the go
  • To help the users save for future game shopping online
  • To enable youngsters avail the deals in every category, from a PC gaming hardware
  • to latest titles published
  • To make buyers meet online merchants

Key Challenges

Promatics’ target was to reach out to a voluminous section of game lovers who are mostly youngsters. The backend admin panel was left to be managed by the admin for adding new deals or categories for the assurance of deals being genuine. One of the main challenges was to ensure maximum target market is captured and for that Android and iOS was chosen as the preferred platforms for development as

  • Android and iOS has captured almost 90% of the mobile OS market
  • The target users are mainly youngsters who are more prone to own an Android or an iPhone
  • Good gaming experience can be had on Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 7 and above
  • Both the platforms supports different screen resolutions starting from a standard smartphone to 10 inch tablets
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The Broke Gamer app was given unique shape by the Promatics’ team to provide a never before game shopping experience to the users. Some of the salient features of the app include the following:

  • Access to latest deals inside different categories
  • Options to view deals category-wise
  • User-friendly interface with sections starting from Login/Register and Tip us on a Gaming Deal to About Us and Contact Us
  • Options to share through Drive, Email, Gmail, Messaging, and different social media platforms namely, Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Availability of PlayStation Deals, PC Gaming Deals, Latest Deals and more
  • Hottest Deals section highlights the most popular deals
  • Access to like or save a deal and to write or read a commentfor a registered user without being logged in
  • Search option to find deals promptly with a keyword
  • Constant addition of new deals and categories by backend admin panel


The Game Broker Android App developed by Promatics’ team achieved the desired objectives successfully by:

  • Enhancing the mobile presence of Slainte, LLC
  • Helping both big and small time merchants take the advantage of online marketing
  • Ensuring saving for game shoppers
  • Bringing best and latest deals to the youngsters
  • Encouraging more and more game purchases
  • Became an opinion leader in shirts fraternity by providing latest trends and popular designing ideas
  • Augmenting leads and brand name
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