A plethora of Canadian lending institutions is accessible to the search engine developed by LoanConnect. Making the life of many Canadians hassle free by going online and searching for loan seamlessly and faster! It is the one of the most prominent personal search loan engine. Better accessibility to loan providers in Canada is possible with it.

The objective of the loan search engine is to provide reach ability to a maximum number of people who need loans. Those who want to avail loan under $50,000 have a hassle free path through the site.

Indeed, it is that one single, reliable platform which makes it easy for the people to avail loans and hence benefit.

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Business Requirements

Property Overview in Detail - Real Estate Website Development

LoanConnect aimed at becoming the premier online search and approval institute in Canada. It intended to allow the Canadians easy accessibility, instant approval and the most amazing rates. In this scenario, with many numbers of providers on the internet, the LoanConnect aspired to become the most trusted websites for people searching for finance. Superior online lending experience is what they wanted. LoanConnect wanted to offer the most effective features that would make the entire process seamless. It aspired to stimulate the local economy and aid Canada’s business owners’ execute business better. Whether the people aspire for the best home, an alluring vacation or an enchanting surprise, the LoanConnect aspired to be the acumen for it.

Key Challenges

The project definitely faced challenges while integrating with various lending companies. Since this is the first engine that sends out quotes directly from the lenders it required integration with all lenders whether big or small. We know different companies have different IT systems hence comprehensive work for required on this end. Promatics had to integrate each single lender with LoanConnect with diverse databases being used on their end. After all, LoanConnect aimed for a comprehensive solution, inculcating all the data received from a variety of sources.

The need was of useful details, reports and relevant loan related information, which could aid in providing faster decision making, so as to benefit those needing the loan.

Search Results - Real Estate Website Development


Building of the website for LoanConnect has been pursued with excellence. An automated and ornately designed loan portal for the agency has been taken care of. The developers made sure to deliver end-to- end processes in order to take care of every niche and corner of website building.

The most amazing and assuring features of the site are:

  • A plethora of lenders to choose from.
  • Automatic solution of queries as soon as the application forms are filled
  • Facility of filing the application online
  • With the automated system, the application process becomes simple.
  • The terms offered by the lenders vary from 6 to 60 months.
  • Instant approval from a number of providers
  • The money is deposited in the bank account in as little as 12 hours
  • Integrated to the loan system of the various companies.
  • Whether poor, excellent or no credit, a wide array of lenders to suffice the need.
  • The approval rate by the lender is at times even less than 5 minutes
  • Background checks
  • Availing money from the lender's website is relatively easy.
  • Secure web technology is utilized


Undoubtedly, the LoanConnect is one of the fastest growing loan portals. The online listing of vendors and lenders has grown enormously and there are many more contributions daily. The popularity of LoanConnect is attributed to the ornate design of the portal, exclusive and inclusive listings and immense amount of data which makes it one of the ace loan portals in Canada. A better and more seamless manner to borrow is right here with us! It is affordable and faster.

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