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Overview is the one of Qatar's latest and most innovative property advertisement website. It is a premier dedicated listing resource for real estate where all real estate agents and home owners can advertise their property to millions of potential customers through the automated website. Regardless of the number of properties you have you can list all of them on the International Network within a few clicks.

Whether a user is looking forward to sell or buy, rent or lease a property, there is no better place than Mannzili to connect with potential buyers and sellers. Mannzili is a multilingual and a fast growing real estate network that has rich and highly useful functionality for agents, brokers as well as private sellers.

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Client: Mannzili Network Limited, Kilburn, UK

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Business Requirements

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Mannzili was looking for an automated online website for exclusive property listings and posting of advertisements for agents, brokers and private sellers. There was a need to generate substantial income from sales leads, and improve its growth in the real estate business. Mannzili wanted to create a stronger web presence so as to be easily found on popular search engines.

Key Challenges

Mannzili faced multiple challenges related to collation of data from diverse sources. The data related to real estate came in through various agents, owners, and sellers. Mannzili wanted a comprehensive solution that would integrate all the data coming in through different sources.

Mannzili lacked a centralized system for customer communication and for tracking sales leads. Currently sales leads are the source of income, and sending a dummy lead to the owner can result in certain charges/fees.

Mannzili required better and useful statistical details and reports to acquire all relevant real estate information at a glance in order to quickly get the bigger picture, as real estate business is fast paced and requires quick decision making to gain maximum revenue.

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Mannzili is powered with multiple API (Application Programming Interface) support such as Custom Feeds, XML2u, Propspace and GoMasterKey. All these APIs enable the network to link to a wide range of properties and agents through a single platform. The platform enables real estate Agents and Brokers to view the complete picture of their business network through a comprehensive control panel that has been enabled with Rich Graphs (e.g. Bar graphs, Pie charts, etc.) and other data visualization support mechanisms to measure their growth and view benchmarks for various processes involved. Agents and Brokers can view the number of leads, number of properties that they have listed, the number of active property listings, and many such useful details.


Promatics offered an option for users t o upload property details and related property pictures. If the user is busy and is not in a position to undertake the task of uploading pictures and uploading details, then there is an option inbuilt in the CRM that automatically captures data and imports it into the Mannzili International Platform.


Our CRM solution accommodates 3 types of users:

  • Super User / Administrator – One who is the owner of the Platform and has complete access to the Admin panel.
  • Company Administrator – One who has the rights to list properties and deals with company specific deals.
  • Customers – Any user that visits the property listings, and puts up related queries to the owner of the property.


If a situation arises where a company administrator lists 10 properties and receives 5 leads from different users who want to know more information, and if the company admin / property owner does not have enough funds, then the leads go into what is called as “Locked Leads”, in such cases the property owner cannot access these locked leads. The only way out is that the property owner contacts the Admin of Mannzili International and resolves the issue by paying the required funds. For the Super User and for Company Administrators Google advertisements form a good source of income.


Benefits to users include:

  • No monthly subscriptions, contracts or hidden charges
  • Performance based - receive only for valid enquiries
  • Instant Property Leads Delivered Real Time 24/7
  • Affordable Lead Bundles give you more flexibility
  • No commission to pay on sales
  • Dedicated Account Manager for all your needs
  • Access to 65,000 and growing subscriber email database


Salient Features of our Solution:

  • Multilingual - Multi-Language feature along with Multi-Currency capabilities
  • Income through Google Advertisements for the super user and the company admin
  • CRM, dynamic and custom feeds, XML2u, Propspace & GoMasterKey API Support
  • Visualization support and quick Graphical Views to enable the decision makers to take the right decisions
  • A gallery showcasing the property in various angles and displaying all its relevant details
  • Secure Platform – Secure Socket layer (SSL) security protocol is used along with session management and appropriate authority levels. SSL is one of the most crucial components of any online business for creating trusted environments for potential customers so that they feel secure in making purchases.
  • Collation of data via URL to the Platform
  • Property Search feature using keywords, sort and display options
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) Network
  • Based on your current search the website intuitively lists and displays similar or related properties in locations with similar requirements
  • Latest property news updates available
  • A separate customer login and an advertiser login option
  • Email Subscriptions for users just by providing email ids, Newsletter subscriptions
  • Integration and sharing through popular Social Media networks such as facebook, twitter, linkedIn
  • Unlimited Listings on the Mannzili Property Network with free Registration


Mannzili has grown and is making rapid progress. The online premier dedicated property listings are growing and contributing high value to the real estate business. The popularity of Mannzili has sprung up since its commencement due to the wide range and large number of exclusive property listings that are offered.

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