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Odyssey Travel, with its head offices in New Zealand and Australia, is one of the leading travel and tour operators in the world. The organization provides an exquisite variety of invigorating educational tours aimed at exploring and make the most of the diverse educational and cultural heritage spread across all parts of the globe.

Promatics Technologies worked with Odyssey Travel to perk up their presence on the web. The web development services provided by Promatics were focused on enhancing user experience on the Odyssey Travel web site, thereby facilitating the end goal of driving incremental conversions received by the company from its potential customers.

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About Project


Client: Odyssey Travel, Sydney, Australia

Website URL: odysseytraveller.com

Business Requirements

Odyssey Travel was looking for an online website to facilitate booking of its travel packages and tickets. Odyssey is a big name in travel industry and nothing short of an awesome website would have lived up to its reputation.

Tour Detail

Key Challenges

  • Developing a website specifically for users willing to travel the world for educational and heritage tours. The website required free-flowing navigation, arresting design, great searchability, detailed description, clear and organized image gallery, and advanced features for users to ensure they easily search out tours as per their convenience, needs and preferences.
  • Incorporating and managing an extensive log of tour option, with detailed descriptions, user experiences, support forms and more, certainly needed some doing if the website had to engage users and invite their active participation in the form of testimonials and notes.
  • Effective query and browser optimization using web 2.0 technology was another challenge at hand.


PHP scripting language with HTML5 integration to suit modern-day Web development with advanced Web 2.0 technologies

Enterprise version My SQL database due to its scalability, flexibility and versatility features. Also, it requires minimum maintenance and provides effortless backend console

JavaScript web scripting for validating forms, adding functionalities, detecting browsers, etc.

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Best resource to develop dynamic, responsive and fast web pages. AJAX apps are highly sought after these days in the field of web development for integrating apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Facebook, etc.

Graphic Tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and many more to create HD graphics, videos and illustrations in stunning color codes and crystal clear resolutions to provide an aura of elegance to the website.


Salient Features of our Solution:

Web Develop
  • Advanced filters for easy search

    The Odyssey website features a large number of tour options that a user can enroll in. To manage such a big number of tour options, along with managing their searchability, Promatics made use of advanced filters and comprehensive organization of the tours which were divided into three basic types:

    • Active Tours
    • Discovery Tours
    • Specialized Tours

    The categories have been provided easy filters for quick and accurate search, with search criteria being based on continents, duration, departs, activity level, tour type and currency. Each tour comes at a different for couple and single. The footer offers an easy search option for users willing to tour within a specific location (say Africa). In such a case, Africa can be selected from various locations provided in the second column of the website footer and results are filtered according to the selected area (herein Africa).

  • One-stop admin panel

    A comprehensive and easy-to-use Admin Panel powers the website to ensure all sections of the site can be managed by the administrator from a one-point console, with easy and convenience.

Web Develop
  • Detailed tour itinerary

    The website showcase easy-to-understand and highly organized portfolio, including description, travel procedures and itinerary of various tours a user can take up at any time of the year. For easier selection, and to help users choose a tour that best fits their needs and preferences, the website features experience notes and testimonials written by other users who have earlier attended the same tour.

  • Straightforward query forms and secure payment gateway

    To make easy, a seamless and prompt interaction between administrators and the users of Odyssey Travel, simple and short query forms have been embedded onto the web portal. Users can use these forms to request a quote by submitting their details. The integration of payment gateway has been done with stringent technology methods, leaving aside all potential security loopholes, to ensure all transaction and payment processing come with maximum privacy and security possible.


The web development campaign by Promatics resulted in improving page visits, customer feedback, website response time as well as the number of conversions made by visitors landing onto the website of Odyssey Travel.

The development process, mainly the enhancement in search filters, resulted in showing a significant conversion increase of 65% for users enrolling in different tours.

Implementation of query forms showed a 66% increase in number of interactions flowing towards the sales department.

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