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How cloud computing and virtualization is changing how enterprise and consumer software works?

With the adoption of Cloud and virtualization the there is a prominent shift from a traditional approach of enterprises that only designed for IT and neglected user experience to companies that lay emphasis on product features, usability and creating a delightful user experience in the SaaS world. Cloud computing has been around for quite some time. Now enterprises have started trusting it after testing its development projects and applications. Enterprises have slowly shown forward movement and are slowly moving their critical operations too onto the cloud.The cloud and virtualisation have deployed applications that are infrastructure-responsive and can scale themselves smartly. Because the applications are aware of external events, decisions can be made quickly and the application and infrastructure together can facilitate real-time delivery.

Cloud Solutions

Benefits of cloud based solutions

  • Increased Efficiency - As opposed to the traditional ways, cloud services are quickly deployed and are instantly ready for use in a matter of minutes.
  • Faster Disaster Recovery – Since capacity, location planning and operations are now our responsibilities, it allows enterprises to respond quickly to any business changes that may arise unexpectedly.
  • High Flexibility – Enterprises have moved to cloud mainly due to its ability to quickly meet business demands as required. It has shortened time to market
  • New Business Models – We offer enterprises new cloud based business models and value propositions using cloud services alone.
  • High Collaboration - Allows all employees across the globe to sync up and work on documents and shared apps concurrently, and receive critical updates in real time. 
  • Go Green – We use servers as per the business need, thus decreasing the carbon footprint. Using the cloud results in almost 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using on-site servers

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Mr. Nicholas Jackson

Mr. Nicholas Jackson

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How cloud based solutions can save capital and upfront costs?

Cloud solutions save money for cloud security needs as well as many other types of data center workloads.

  • Low Power Costs: Cloud computing solutions use less power. Better hardware utilization is directly proportional to more efficient usage of power. Idle resources tend to waste energy.
  • Low Resource Costs: When enterprises move to the cloud, money they pay for the service goes to the provider's staffing costs. But it's a much smaller amount in comparison to the enterprise itself taking up the in-house work.
  • Zero Capital Costs: When any enterprise runs its own servers they have to take care of the up-front capital costs. But if the enterprise chooses cloud computing options the financing of investments is the responsibility of the provider
  • Lesser Cost for Mirroring: When enterprises run their own servers, they may need to buy more hardware than required in case of failures. Whereas if a cloud computing service deals with the redundancy requirement it will prove to be less expensive as cloud providers have their own data center locations where they can mirror enterprise data and applications.

Applications that use virtualized IT services are definitely more efficient and better equipped to meet user demands compared to the traditional ones.


Our Cloud Solutions:

Our Cloud Computing Solution comprises of three key steps

  • Cloud Consulting: We perform an in depth analysis of your existing business, future plans, business requirements and goals to drive ROI. We also do an assessment of which processes and technology are required for using cloud. We determine enterprises readiness for the cloud by aligning the cloud technology with the business requirements.
  • Cloud Strategy: After performing the analysis the next step is to develop the perfect strategy for optimization and cost saving. We determine what the enterprises are trying to achieve from the Cloud, and other considerations such as performance, timelines, budget etc. After this step we match the business requirements with the right type of cloud platform. We offer many cloud deployment options such as Public, Private and Hybrid
  • Cloud Integration: In this service we configure multiple application programs to share data in the cloud. We have multiple options from which the enterprises can benefit. a) Traditional enterprise integration tools deployed on premise b) Traditional enterprise integration tools hosted in the cloud and c) On Demand Integration offerings. These are SaaS applications designed to deliver integration securely over the internet.
Cloud App Development

The traditional methods of developing applications often took long to complete is now reduced to a few weeks. With all the necessary software and tools available in the cloud, developers can work more efficiently and productively to develop better applications quickly.

Subscription Pricing is definitely replacing Perpetual Licenses. There is a change from perpetual licensing that affects capex budgets to subscription-based pricing that affects opex budgets. Where there is a very high level of adoption and user engagement, the buyers will surely renew the subscriptions for enterprise software. Providers that have products to offer with value add and user delight will gain long- term customer base and an uninterrupted revenue stream. Whereas, the software that does not solve a users problems will have its subscription cancelled.

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