Google App Engine

What is Google Cloud infrastructure?

Google Cloud Platform is a set of modular cloud-based services that allow enterprises to create anything from simple websites to complex applications. It provides the foundation so as to quickly develop the desired websites and applications.

Google App Engine Developers


  • Google has a highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure.
  • Range of options is available from computing, storage and application services for your web, mobile and backend solutions
  • With Google you pay only for what you use - Applications hosted on Cloud Platform have the ability to scale up and handle the most demanding workloads and scale down too when traffic subsides
  • Cloud Platform renders all the services your application architecture requires
  • Google Cloud Platform provides a range of storage services that facilitate easy and quick access to data
  • Goole Platform provides consistent Performance and Support that can be depended upon

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Ms Moira Johnston

Ms Moira Johnston

Comma Promatics Technologies has been an extremely valuable partner for us in developing our custom portal. This project is very complex and they understood our needs very well. They are constantly on top of communication; we never had to wait to hear from them. They are extremely honest and have kept their word from beginning to end. They completed the project on time and on budget. We are now using them... Read more

How is it different from AWS?

Though Google Cloud Platform’s list of product is lesser in number, it is focused on classic IaaS and PaaS services. AWS provides more number of services compared to the Google Cloud.

The Google Cloud is strong with respect to Big Data.  Google’s IaaS computing platform is probably the most important service for both Google and AWS. Google has done a credible job in creating a valid competitor

The advantage Google has over AWS is that Google’s Load Balancers don’t need any pre-warming, while AWS load balancers are not really elastic and cannot handle as many requests as the Google Engine does.

GCE’s persistent disk has the ability to be attached to multiple instances in read-only mode, and allows distribution of data to a large workforce effectively. This feature is not available in AWS


What is Google App Engine?

Google App Engine is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that lets you build and run applications on Google’s infrastructure. The Google Apps Engine is a fully managed Platform-as-a-Service that focuses on code using built-in services that bring highest productivity benefits without having to worry about patching or maintenance.

How promatics can help integrating or building your project on Google Apps Engine?

We have developers that develop applications in various programming languages. The Google App Engine supports apps written in a variety of programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP and Go. We leverage the best practices of using Cloud Endpoints that allow easy creation of RESTful services and make them accessible to iOS, Android and Javascript clients. The Google App Engine takes away all the pain of managing servers and infrastructure so we can focus fully on the application code.

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