How salesforce has revolutionized approach to CRM?

A CRM is a strategy for managing and building the company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. CRM helps to improve profitability. With CRM you can focus on your organisation’s relationships with individual people, be it customers, service users, colleagues or suppliers. Today the most significant and recent development in CRM systems is the move into the cloud. Cloud-based CRM systems such as Salesforce mean every user may it be the sales team or the customer service representative each one has the same information, all the time. Cloud-based CRM platforms like Salesforce are flexible in terms of functionality. The enterprises have the choice to pay just for the range of features that are useful to them.

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Salesforce is quick and easy to implement unlike the past scenarios. A cloud-based system doesn't need any kind of special installation or hardware to set up. This helps in keeping IT costs low and removing the pain of version control and regular update schedules.

In short CRM platforms on the Cloud provide benefits such as faster deployment, automatic software updates, ability to work from anywhere and at any time, cost effectiveness along with scalability and last but not the least increased collaboration.

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Mr. Milutin Vujosevic

Mr. Milutin Vujosevic

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Our expertise in Salesforce

Consulting: We have a team of salesforce experts who have the proficiency and in-depth knowledge in every domain which makes it easy for them to fulfil any of your Salesforce application, platform type, and integration needs. We provide implementation oversight, business and technology alignment, full adoption and maximum business value to your Business.

Integrating: We provide salesforce integration services where our experts who have the proven hands on experience on integration with salesforce tools help you to fully integrate Salesforce with your ERP, Accounting System, Marketing and customer service, order management, and all other critical systems that you need to integrate.

Customization: Our sales force experts are masters in creating innovative customized solutions to fit your exclusive business needs. With our Salesforce platform experts and developers we deliver value and fulfil all your business demands. We have automated many processes to support better knowledge of Salesforce customization services.

Migration: There are a variety of data loader tools available in the market trying to make data migration to and from a painless process, but they are all inconvenient and not user-friendly. We have developed our own tools to migrate the data to and from seamlessly from a number of databases, applications, and services which makes the migration process a success. We have also executed migrations with the help of Salesforce tools and DataLoaders.

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