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The internet is filled with sites. Majority of the sites today need just the basic functionalities to produce simple blogs or need open source, free page management systems which are offered by Drupal or WordPress. But there are enterprises that do not need all the features of the existing CMS and are interested in customizing features that are very specific to their business requirements. They want to stand out from the crowd and offer more than just what other competitors have to give away. Most CMS being open sourced and free it allows the developers to customise it as per end users without licensing issues.

Custom CMS Development Services

We have a number of years of proven experience in creating very thoughtful and beautifully designed aesthetic and SEO optimised custom developed CMS solutions to various business needs.

  • Our customised CMS installations have the flexibility to extend, add new features, and optimize websites according to the dynamic client requirements. Full control of the website lies in the hands of the users with high definition GUI with which end users can add widgets, navigate etc. Altering the website is an easy job that is achievable within a few clicks
  • Our customized CMS websites are truly scalable. It can grow and cater to millions of requests of site users without errors. The sites with very high volume of traffic and those that face peak traffic at particular times can take advantage of this scalability. There are thousands of open source plugins and snippets to chose from as per business use, that are available to enhance the functionality of the custom websites
  • With our customised development you can mange content very easily. It allows for easy addition of new pages, navigation features as well as uploading various data formats on to the website. It is easy to make changes to content and does not affect the architecture or design of the website

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Promatics serves as a perfect IT solutions partner who caters to all your critical IT demands by offering end-to-end web development consultation and development solutions.

Our world-class team specializes in latest industry trends which enable us to deliver technologically advanced web development solutions, with optimal performance. Promatics believes in developing effective software solutions that facilitate automation of business processes and reduce your resource requirements. We look forward to your next project with us.

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