WordPress is written on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is one of the easiest admin panels for non-technical end users.

A free and open source CMS, that helps you, create your own website or your own blog. It provides the perfect theme for your site with widgets, menus, and custom design. It has connectivity with Social media networks such as facebook, twitter and the like which helps you publish online. This powerful CMS is free to use and easy to install. It is compatible with most of the platforms that are available in the market today. WordPress has recently launched its retina-ready administrative feature and responsive modules. Its growing popularity has made it the world’s most popular open source blogging platform. It is highly robust and its open source platform allows even a non-technical user to upload a web page or make changes to the existing content and media easily without having to necessarily have programming knowledge or expertise.

Wordpress Development


  • Time to Market
  • Availability of boilerplate code 
  • Extensive number of Pre-built Themes.
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Responsive Designs support
  • Retina Ready Features
  • Strong URL rewriting
  • Scalable and Secure Platform

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Tong Zhao

Tong Zhao

Comma I had a great experience working with Promatics. They are very responsive, very efficient and very patient because we had a lot of changes along the way. If I have any project in the future I will definitely hire them back. I highly recommend anyone to use them ... Read more


We have rich experience in WordPress CMS development and maintenance. We have designed and developed WordPress based CMS and websites for multiple clients. Our WordPress developers are highly experienced in developing robust, user friendly and secure solutions. We provide solutions of international standards which are mobile friendly. The team of developers have worked extensively on PHP and MySQL on which WordPress is based.

Advantage with us:

  • Our WordPress based solutions offer Multi-user and multi-blogging
  • Use of Multi Language features
  • Help track site stats along with the creation of dashboards
  • Assign multiple categories to articles
  • Support for tagging of blog posts and articles

Usage at Promatics

We leverage WordPress inbuilt themes which allow users to change the look and feel along with the functionality of a WordPress based website. Various themes can be installed without altering the content or architecture of the site. There are two types of themes a) free themes and b) premium themes. WordPress users have the liberty to either create and develop their own custom themes or use the default available themes based on their knowledge and skill. Our solutions have easy drag and drop functions that allow for addition of media to the blog posts. It is possible to display content in a gallery or slideshow as per user’s choice. Easy export of content is possible and tracking site statistics is easier with WordPress based solutions. We utilize the language settings to cater to a wider international audience. There are two types of language settings a) Blog Language and b) Interface Language that help us reach an international audience.

We take advantage of WordPress's plugin architecture that allows users to broaden its features. WordPress consists of more than about 37,000 plugins that are available, each plugin offers custom functions and features for customization of sites. These customizations range from SEO, to client portals, to displaying private information to logged in users, to addition of widgets and navigation bars etc.


Our solutions take optimal advantage of the inbuilt WordPress features. The advantage being it is much easier to quickly implement custom functionality. WordPress not only includes user management, but it provides a strong API for managing them, so that you can easily manage users. It is very simple to build views and custom queries while creating web applications with WordPress.

Our Work
  • Custom Wordpress Social Networking Site Development
  • Online Tutoring Website
  • Wedding Planners Website Development

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