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StudentKare – Pedagogical E-Tailer Web and Mobile App

Kare Enterprises, an educational e-commerce platform, partnered with Promatics technologies to develop a cutting-edge website and mobile app that caters to the specific needs of students, businesses, and customers. The goal of the collaboration was to create a seamless online shopping experience for school essentials, saving time, and providing transparency in pricing. The StudentKare website and mobile app were designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and efficient, reflecting their commitment to quality educational services. Through close collaboration, Promatics utilized their software development expertise to create a platform that optimized the overall efficiency of the educational supply chain.


The Challenge

Developing a platform that could meet the unique demands of the education sector was a daunting challenge for Promatics during the creation of the StudentKare website and mobile applications. The goal was to provide an all-inclusive online shopping experience for school essentials while ensuring price transparency and improving the efficiency of the educational supply chain. The challenge was further compounded by the need to create a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate platform with avant-garde features and functionalities for students, educators, and educational institutions, all while maintaining high-performance and stability. Furthermore, the partnership between StudentKare and Promatics required a high degree of collaboration to ensure that the website and mobile applications mirrored the values and objectives of both companies. The project demanded meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the education sector, making it a challenging yet rewarding endeavor for both parties.

    Client’s Expectations
  • Shop online with unparalleled expediency
  • User-Centric UI/UX for Intuitive and Effortless Navigation
  • Robust and secure transactions for customers.
  • Team Role Management
  • Quick and efficient customer support
  • Customer Rating and Review Features
  • Integration of analytics and reporting features
    Promatics’ Deliverables
  • Consultancy, Analysis, and Prototype Sketching
  • Website, Mobile and Admin Panel Design and Development
  • Responsive Website Design for Multi-Device Optimization
  • Accurate and real-time inventory management features
  • Multiple shipping options and tracking features
  • Transparency in pricing to build trust
  • SAP Integration

Prominent Features

Promatics' StudentKare platform showcases expertise in creating an intuitive, user-centric interface. With robust security, ratings/reviews, and efficient support, the platform builds trust. Analytics and reporting provide valuable insights. Avant-garde features cater to students and institutions, cementing StudentKare as a highly trusted platform for educational supplies. Some distinctive functionalities.


Product Diversification

Promatics created StudentKare website and mobile apps to offer a broad range of products, including stationery items and digital devices, providing users with an enhanced experience and catering to the diverse needs of students and schools.


Live Inventory Management

Promatics developed a live inventory management system for StudentKare. Real-time updates on available stock ensure effortless purchasing and precise levels across all devices reduce cart abandonment, boost sales, and augment customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Multi-Faceted Payment Options

Promatics created a comprehensive payment system for StudentKare. With multiple options, including cards, net banking, UPI, and mobile wallets, it ensures a seamless checkout experience. Secure gateways and user-friendly interfaces provide convenience, security, and growth for businesses.


Order Segmentation Functionality

Promatics developed order segmentation for StudentKare, allowing customers to break down their orders into smaller segments based on their preferences. This feature improves order organization, reduces processing time, and increases customer satisfaction. StudentKare aims to enhance the overall customer experience by streamlining order fulfillment and encouraging repeat business.


Product Inquiry Facilitation

Promatics introduced a new product inquiry system that provides customers with detailed information on product availability, specs, and pricing. This feature streamlines the inquiry process, making it easier for customers to get quick responses, which enhances their shopping experience. Moreover, this system enables businesses to gain insights into customers' preferences and needs, allowing them to customize their offerings.


Product Cataloging

Promatics has developed a comprehensive product cataloging system that enables our customers to browse through a diverse range of products with ease. With an intuitive interface and advanced search functionality, customers can easily filter and sort products based on their preferences. Additionally, this feature enables businesses to efficiently manage their product listings, providing them with greater control and flexibility over their online store.


Personalized Credit Functionality

StudentKare now offers personalized credit options developed by Promatics, improving the shopping experience for customers. This feature allows customers to customize their payment plans to suit their financial needs, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, businesses can use this tool to boost sales and expand their customer base.


Sales Data Analysis and Performance Reporting

The platform provides an abundance of resources to freelancers, including access to educational materials and community support. These resources are designed to help freelancers enhance their skills, build their professional profiles, and connect with like-minded individuals to form a robust and supportive community.


Request for Quote Functionality

Promatics created a new Request for Quote tool that simplifies customized product or service inquiries. Customers can easily submit their needs and receive a personalized quote from vendors, reducing wait times and promoting transparent communication. This feature improves customer satisfaction and helps businesses build lasting relationships with customers.



Promatics successfully developed a state-of-the-art platform, StudentKare, for schools in India, with a focus on convenience, transparency, and personalized functionality. The implementation of a live inventory management system, personalized credit functionality, and request for quote functionality has resulted in a seamless user experience for customers. The integration of multiple platforms, including SAP, Bludart, Delhivery, and Oracle, has enhanced diversity and streamlined operations. These advancements have led to an exponential surge in traffic and revenue generation, making StudentKare the top-ranked eCommerce platform for schools in India.

Key Achievements
An All-Inclusive One-Stop Shop for Schools in India

StudentKare: One-stop-shop for schools. Offers textbooks, stationery, furniture, and digital solutions. Reliable delivery. Leading player in education sector, streamlining operations, and driving growth.

India's Top eCommerce Platform for Schools

StudentKare is now India's top school eCommerce platform, the go-to for all school needs. This success boosts brand, trust, and loyalty, with an easy interface, wide range, and great service enhancing its reputation, and driving growth.

Competitive Pricing and Discounts

StudentKare's cost-effective solutions and attractive discounts have made it a popular destination for schools in India, driving increased sales and establishing the platform as a leader in the education industry.

Convenient and Lucid

StudentKare's user-friendly platform and transparent policies have built a reliable and convenient reputation for schools in India. The platform streamlines procurement processes and reduces admin burdens with seamless online shopping and transparent pricing. Resultantly, schools benefit from increased efficiency and productivity.

Distinctive Order Segmentation Functionality

Promatics developed unique order segmentation functionality allows StudentKare to streamline its logistics and efficiently manage sales operations. Dividing orders into smaller segments helps allocate resources and prioritize high-priority orders, improving delivery time and customer satisfaction.

Exponential Surge in Traffic and Revenue Generation

StudentKare's implementation of features like live inventory management, multiple payment options, and personalized credit functions have led to increased traffic and sales. Separate portals for B2C and B2B, streamlined operations, and request for quote functionality have also helped. This has resulted in exponential revenue growth, paving the way for sustainable expansion.

B2C and B2B Portals: Efficient Customization

StudentKare's B2C and B2B portals offer bespoke journeys for individual consumers and enterprises, optimizing efficiency and personalization. Streamlined procurement processes and an unparalleled user experience enhance customer satisfaction, leading to increased sales and revenue.

20,000+ Pincodes: Wide Geographic Reach

StudentKare's journey of geographic expansion has led to coverage in 20,000+ pincodes across India, widening its customer base and solidifying its position as a premier educational eCommerce platform with a lasting impact on the market.

Multi-platform Integration for Diversity

Integration of platforms like SAP, Bludart, Delhivery, and Oracle has reduced complexities, facilitating efficient resource management. This streamlined workflow enhances customer satisfaction and drives increased revenue for StudentKare.

Revolutionizing Operations for Efficiency through Streamlined Operations

StudentKare's optimized and efficient business processes, including streamlined operations and automation, have led to increased productivity, faster turnaround times, and minimal errors. These enhancements result in a superior customer experience and a significant increase in profitability.


Software &
Technologies Used

Languages we have used to create app user friendly across multiple devices without compromising the speed.


Manage the data from Admin side


To scale the applications in both directions


Atlas MongoDB is a cloud-based managed NoSQL database service.


Express is a flexible Node.js web application framework


It is a programming language used for creating interactive web pages


HTML is the markup language used for creating web pages


CSS is a styling language used for designing web pages


Bootstrap is a responsive front-end development framework


CSS is a styling language used for designing web pages


Bootstrap is a responsive front-end development framework


CSS is a styling language used for designing web pages



Promatics' development of the StudentKare educational e-commerce platform showcases their expertise in creating an intuitive and user-centric interface for a seamless online shopping experience. By offering a robust and secure transaction process, customer rating and review features, and efficient customer support, the platform has been successful in building trust among its users. Furthermore, the integration of analytics and reporting features provides valuable insights into the platform's performance. Overall, StudentKare offers an array of avant-garde features and functionalities that cater to the needs of students and educational institutions, cementing its position as a highly trusted and reliable platform for educational supplies. Here are some of the distinctive functionalities.

Sharmeen Sahibole
Head of Kare Enterprises

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