Product Development

What is Product Development? It can be defined as a continuous process that involves improving an existing product or developing a totally new product in order to target a particular market segment. It is focused on developing systematic methods for guiding all the processes involved in getting a new product to market.

Software Product Development

Why choose Promatics as your product development partner?

  • Proven experience in software product development across industries
  • We know the existing competitors and overall market share and strategy
  • Successful launching of a variety of products into multiple market segments
  • We constantly devise new marketing strategies with the changing market requirements that have consistently worked
  • Quick Go-to-Market at affordable costs

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Ms Cameron Arterton

Ms Cameron Arterton

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Our experience and successful launches for various clients

We help been helping various companies with every phase of new product development - Market study, idea generation, concept feasibility, product development, test marketing and product launch. We have senior and experienced executives and developers who have consistently proven their mettle. Our consultants have developed innovative frameworks and have enhanced their technical capabilities to ensure the development and launch of efficient and abundant new products in any required market.

Promatics has been delivering Web as well as Mobile products for start-ups, mid sized and large enterprises. In case of the start-ups we offer flexible go to market strategy like building MVP first then we give feedback and suggestions based on our experience and market understanding and get benefit of the latest technologies since we have a strong process that backs our product development.

At Promatics we have a simple process of Product development that consists of phases.


Market Scan

– We assess the current product portfolio, the opportunities and the related threats using SWOT analysis. We then determine the type of product that would be the best fit with the corporate strategy and its pricing strategies.



– The process starts with an idea generation, screening, concept development, and market strategy development.


Concept Testing

– This is a process where we use qualitative as well as quantitative methods to evaluate customer response to an idea of a product before its introduction into the market. It involves determining critical success factors, marketing mix strategies like pricing, promotion and placement. It helps to avoid costly mistakes at earlier stages.

Outsourced Product Development


– This is a process where we prepare a device, a system or a technique that illustrates the feasibility of the solution to a problem. It involves testing and proofing concepts and communicating the concepts to all the stakeholders such as product development teams, management and customers.


Test Marketing

– This phase involves a selling experiment carried out in a test market where buyers are not aware of the evaluation exercise. This experiment may last for a few weeks or months. We observe the actual performance of the product against the proposed marketing plan.


Launching a product

– Launching involves introducing the product into the market via advertisements and promotions. There is a go-to-market plan in place, we also conduct sales training, a distribution plan and then we set the launch date.

Case Study

Gentlemen's Post Gentlemen’s Post is a subscription based ecommerce website which is fully focused on men’s products. The founders of Gentlemen’s post are a group of young and dynamic university friends who believe in the philosophy that “A well-groomed gentleman never goes out of style”. They built Gentlemen’s Post which is a subscription based ecommerce website to offer all gentlemen across the world the best grooming products. They wanted to make sure that all the lads have access to their grooming products whenever and wherever they needed it. The products that are offered have reached across three continents. Gentlemen’s Post have identified and offered old classics, prestige and natural grooming lines which match each man’s lifestyle. Gentlemen’s post offers free shipping. Their product pricing is on par with the leading competitors in the market.

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Subscription Ecommerce Website

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