Project Management

The Promatics Project Management Methodology has evolved through the years of developing highly complex and challenging business and technology solutions across various domains. It is an ongoing process involving evaluation of existing methodologies and consequent adaptation to improve the efficiency of the entire process. Our overall project management approach is based on the fundamental understanding that system operation activities, performance metrics, and quality reviews must be fully integrated throughout the operations and maintenance functions to provide the highest degree of customer support. This project management methodology has been developed to promote good governance and ensure quality at all levels.

We have more than 9 years of expertise in products/services delivery using agile software development methodologies that align perfectly with most enterprises objectives to maximize productivity and efficiency. Our flexible delivery models are designed to adapt to the changing requirements of the agile development and testing cycles, help introduce early automation in the agile environment, and improve test coverage in every sprint.

Agile SDLC Model
  • Strategy & Planning: Most of the projects start with an idea for the product or service. We have a team of experts that analyse the nature and scope of the project. The team holds periodic planning exercises with client executives to obtain a clear understanding of requirements and based on certain probability, proactively starts aligning the required resources ahead of time. In this phase our goal is to develop a strategic plan in a way that it is easily articulated into action plans.
  • UI & Development: In this phase we define what features need to be developed. We target on maximising user experience. Focusing on UI in the development cycles ensures creation of a better end product, increases customer satisfaction, reduces development costs and efforts. We present to the end users a comprehensive set of screen layouts (Wireframes) demonstrating each and every bit of the UI design. We are flexible in responding to their feedback.
  • Our UI/UX designers work closely with the development team to ensure iterative reviews once the development begins. After finalizing on a set of requirements and the initial story breakdown is done, the UX takes the stories and estimates the required effort to come up with the solution.
  • We follow a feature driven development and our technical teams are flexible enough to adapt to the changing product requirements. Our developers perform both, the front end and back-end development. They also do Test driven development to ensure that the product meets the requirements that were initially defined, at a confirmatory level.
  • Development Activities include writing code, Writing Unit Test Cases, Code Reviews, Rework based on reviews & defects found
  • Testing and QA: Our QA and testing team perform various tests in collaboration with the developers. Before the end of a release cycle, there will be a system-test/hardening cycle, depending on the scope of features being released in the particular release cycle. The activities in this cycle include system testing, full regression testing, fixing defects that are holding back the release, load/security testing. Before the release is signed-off as accepted, the UAT is done to validate the same. QA Activities involve writing Manual & Automated Test Cases, Testing User-Stories & Defects, and Accepting or raising defects for the same. Our integrated toolsets and risk based assessment templates optimize testing cycles and improve time to market for software products. The product is tested frequently, through the release iterations, minimizing the risk of any major failures in future.
  • Deployment: This phase consists of production environment set-up, and hosted. The production data is then loaded while maintaining business continuity and ensuring the security and integrity of data. Our teams involved in deployment comprise of developers, testers, data integrators, solution architects. This team reviews data closely in the early phases to avoid risks at the last stages. The delivery team is set up for go-live. Lastly, the team obtains an official go-live signoff from the customer sponsor
  • Maintenance: Our support and maintenance team provides help Post-Deployment for 3 months and our support extends to performing any break/fix work.
Project Management

The graphic shows the various phases of a typical software development lifecycle followed at Promatics.

Project Management Services

Software Development Process


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