Mobile Apps Development

Rise of mobility and smartphones and its importance.

Mobile devices and smartphones have become increasingly popular and important. They have completely transformed the way we do business today. There has been tremendous growth in the number of Mobile and smartphone users over the last few years with users gaining more awareness and eagerness to take advantage of such devices. With the mobile technology providing easy to use apps for almost every one, there has been huge acceptance for new devices like Google Glass or smartwatches etc. There is ongoing improvement with every device version that is brought into the market. With strong and quick networking systems, good internet speed and connectivity and powerful apps available in the market these smartphones and mobile devices are gaining enormous importance.

Mobile Apps Development

Advantages with us:

  • Huge savings of users time and money
  • Premium Quality Apps designed to meet your requirements
  • Technical ability and infrastructure to cater to almost all types of mobile apps
  • Rich Mobile User experience developed over the years of implementation
  • Innovative solutions that generate entirely new business models and user experiences for all
  • Mobility Solutions that emphasizes business transformation and speed to market
  • Upgrade apps with the changing platforms to gain maximum functionality and features

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Mr. Jim Pavalon

Mr. Jim Pavalon

Promatics has done a phenomenal job once again with my App. They are always there and always responsive to your needs. They are very patient and wait for direction. I consider myself a very strict and demanding person who focuses on even the small details... Read more

Our Mobile Technology Solutions

At Promatics, we are passionate about designing and creating intuitive and user friendly apps that capture your attention and engage you for an everlasting digital experience. We believe in bringing to fruition simple, visually appealing and functional apps. Our motto is to ram the limits of design and technology to deliver divine user experience. We specialize in creating bespoke apps. Our products are strategically planed & designed, continuously developed and thoroughly tested to offer best in class deliverables with the functionality that you need for effective utilization and satisfaction.

Our Mobile Technology spectrum of services:

  • App strategy
  • UI
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades

Promatics App Development Process

App Strategy

We carry out Application Strategy visioning workshop which is focused on bringing alignment between key stakeholders and overall goals of the application, business needs and choice of technologies. We evaluate numerous mobility platforms and frameworks to choose the most suitable options. We conceptualize the mobile app lifecycle. The outcome of which is a clear Application strategy & roadmap report.



The UI/UX expectations are high for mobile apps and need strong creative designing and development capabilities to build such solutions. We have a dedicated UI / UX team with both consumer & enterprise focus. The team works on emerging mobility technologies (augmented reality, mobile payments, wearable technologies, etc.) and we build solutions which accelerate time to market.



We provide end-to-end mobile app designing, development and testing services across multiple platforms. We have skilled developers that have implemented various mobile apps making use of mobile implementation methodology that have resulted in robust mobile app deployments. We develop Native Mobile Apps, Hybrid Mobile apps as well as Mobile web apps.



We perform end to end testing of the mobile apps. We carry out Manual/ Automated testing, and compatibility testing. We test the server performance and on device performance along with security testing and cross functional testing to make sure we deliver the perfect mobile app. We also test the API behind the mobile solution.



Our mobile app maintenance services across various platforms include services such as Operational Level Support, Feature extensions, performance enhancements. Irrespective of the Platform we perform all maintenance functions for iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian


We promptly assist you in successful, easy and quick upgrades of applications on newer platforms as they arrive. At times it becomes important to upgrade your app, rather than spending huge amounts on developing new apps and risking investments.


Promatics and Mobile Apps Development


How Promatics can help with mobile app development?

We have a Centre of Excellence (CoE) specially built for Mobility. This CoE consists of experts in the mobile technology and have hands on experience in developing almost every kind of mobile application. Our highly motivated and technically strong team consists of seasoned consultants, designers, developers and testers who have deep knowledge of iOS development environment, SDK, as well as APIs. We have worked on the latest mobile technology stack and produced enterprise grade as well as consumer apps for diverse domains. We possess self learning ability and inquisitiveness which keeps us on our toes and updated on all enhancements within the mobile app industry. Our team has experience in developing visually attractive and efficient and fully functional apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and others.

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