Things to know before you start your journey to become an Appreneur

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Over the last few years, mobile apps and computers has become an integral part of our day to day life. They have become a necessity rather than luxury. If we will go 10 years back, many people don’t know what compute exactly is? But today everyone knows what smartphone and mobile apps are.
Mobile Application development is ruling the IT industry like a king. Creating, Scaling and deploying the mobile apps has evolved from something which a very rare of the specialist can do, but these days this is one of the most popular business that everyone wants to start.


Things to know before you start your journey to become an Appreneur


Business of Mobile App Development

Before jumping into the business of mobile app development, there are couple of things that needs to be decided. First of all category of application needs to be decided, what exactly you are targeting among the below listed categories:

  • Consumer app
  • Enterprise Mobile App
  • Enhancement of any existing app
  • Migration of any web-app to mobile app

Depending on the category your mobile app is going to fall, you can make plans accordingly. After your goal and plan is ready, to execute them below things needs to be taken care of:


Purpose of App?

Vision of app should be clear i.e. what exactly you want to achieve from your app as well as the type of app i.e. native, hybrid or web app. Things sounds too easy but it is not like that. People actually recognize the difference between a mobile application and a website. Users always want difference. So vision and goal should be clear.


Functionality in your App

An application is liked or disliked by the user mostly by its’ functionality. So make sure that you integrate only that functionality in the app that is meant to deliver the most. Don’t think that too much functionality will make user to use your app because goal of the app matters a lot. Too much functionality may slow-down your app and will make it complex. So prioritize the task accordingly that you want your app to achieve.


Choose the right development company

Choosing the right development firm for your app matters a lot, because they are going to make your app live, they will be the creator of your app. Make sure that the firm that you have chosen for your app to be developed, has right understanding about the usability and design. They should be familiar with- what exactly you are going to achieve with this app and what are you targeting at.
This is very crucial to achieve your vision without any hindrance.


Enhance and Update

User may get bored and frustrated of same design and same functionality, because it is human nature to get attracted on something which is different from current. So it is very important to enhance your application on regular interval of time. Keep on updating your app with new features, upgrade with new features. Enhancement can be of any type i.e. design change or functionality changes. This will play a crucial role in making the grip on users.


Launching Platform

Before launching any application, make sure that on which platform you want your app to be launched? Application launched on Android will not work well in iOS and vice-versa. So it is always recommended to go for Hybrid App, wherein your app can be launched on any platform and it will work fantastic in other platforms too.


Don’t compare Apps with Websites

User downloads the mobile application for their ease to perform any task, expecting that it will be different from what they are actually using i.e. websites. So always make the functionality and design aspects of your mobile application different from your website.


Marketing your App

Apps can’t sell themselves so you have to choose the correct marketing platform for your mobile application. No matter if you think that you have developed the best app in industry, it is useless till you get users for your app. To expand the list of your app users, you need to do the extra-ordinary marketing of your app so that it comes in the sight of people and they start using your app.
These days marketing is directly related to usage increase of any product. Better the marketing of your app will be, more users will be downloading and using your application.


Choosing the design.

Once you are done with the functional specification of your app, now the most important thing to focus on is- Design. No matter if your app is loaded with bulks of functionality, but if the UI and design of your app is not good then you are not going to make something extraordinary with your app.
Attraction is something with which your app should be loaded with. When two or more mobile app provides the same functionality, then it is the design which makes user to differentiate between apps and choose the one with high-end User Interface.

The real purpose of mobile application is to facilitate user to do their day to day task efficiently and easily. If you are developing a mobile application because everyone else possesses one, then it is not worth. So my point is if you are going to get a mobile app developed for you, then why not make it a business and a profitable venture which will fill money in your pockets? Mobile Applications is our future and we cannot simply go away from them. Want to become an appreneur by building your idea into a successful mobile app? Talk to us now.

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