We develop top-notch apps, utilizing maximum out of platforms like Unreal Engine, Unity, etc.

AR-VR Application Development

Developing AR/VR apps that reinvent the traditional approach for businesses to gear up for the upcoming interactive revolution.

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VR/AR apps for Various Industries

AR-VR Industries

Invest in the unharnessed power of AR/VR apps for your business to captivate larger audiences and increase your business’s profitability. We at Promatics have a team of professional developers who know how to extend their expertise and develop AR/VR solutions for numerous industries in the market.

Architecture &
Real Estate

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Exhibition &
Tech Museums

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How We Make AR & VR Apps Differently

At Promatics, we’re inclined towards making our clients stand out from their competition with the help of AR/VR expertise at our fingertips. We craft AR/VR apps built for the future, adding an innovative plus-point for your business that helps attract next-generation customers.

Sales and Presentation Tools

With Promatics AR/VR apps, you can attain a far more creative approach and increased audience engagement using presentation and/or sales tools. Embrace the technology and offer an incomparably memorable experience that makes an impact.

Focus on Different Platforms

We progress in the field of AI/VR development by working on various platforms instead of sticking to one. Our team further connects these platforms and maximizes the usage of AI/VR technology for your business.

Location-based AR Apps

We’re the leading experts when it comes to providing our clients with powerful location-based apps that'll help their business come to the forefront. Enhance your business’s location-based marketing and information dispersion through our core expertise.

360-Degree Video Perspective

While the world is gradually moving towards immersive 360-degree videos for a whole new dimension, businesses are progressing towards the use of such videos, too, compared to the traditional, single-angle 2D approach. Promatics enables businesses to embrace this change with high-end 360-degree video technology.

Technologies we use to make TV apps better

We’re not fixated on one or two AR/VR development tools to create anything and everything. Instead, our developers are always in the search for the latest resources and use multiple of those to craft your apps.

Microsoft Hololens
Open CV
Oculus VR
AR kit

Top-level Engineering Expertise

We make apps that truly make game-changing difference and allow our clients to create an interactive experience that distinguishes them from their competitors.

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