Expert Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance - secure your
product's success

Manage risk by preventing issues and flaws. Safeguard your product’s quality and success. Maintain an amazing experience that your customers can rely on.

Expert Quality Assurance Services

Applying for a role with us is simple following our straightforward process.

we understand that your apps should provide worth to end-users, this requires developing a bug-free, fully-functional product, which can only be attained via comprehensive mobile app quality assurance.

A successful product is way more than “Looks good” and “Works nice”. A successful product is a derivative of your business value and your customers’ needs. Quality Assurance understands these two aspects and uses this knowledge to protect your product from flaws and issues. Thus allowing to create a product that is not only useful and enjoyable but also reliable.

We Practice Zero-Bug Release Policy

Strategic Test Planning

Requirement review, Test Strategy Design, Test Execution Plan

QA Documentation

Test cases writing, Test cases planning, Test checklist and data creation, Test reports maintenance, Software quality metrics creation

Manual QA Testing

Smoke Testing, GUI Testing, Database Testing, Sanity Testing, Exploratory Testing, Functional & Regression Testing, Product Verification Testing.

Web Testing Automation

Regression testing, Integration testing, Field validation testing, UI and mockup testing, Acceptance testing, Cross-browser testing

Mobile App Testing

Functional Testing, Compatibility Testing, User Experience Testing, Localization Testing, Performance Testing

Mobile Testing Automation

Native apps testing, Web apps testing, Cross-platform app testing and support, Use devices, emulators & cloud services for testing

Performance Testing

Load Testing, Stress Testing, Performance Assessment

API Testing Automation

API testing automation, Non-UI functional testing, Component integration testing

01Quality Based on
Real Data

Promatics's Quality Assurance team helps innovators achieve business goals and maintain high quality. Share your ideas with us, and we will help you define the quality factors required for your success.

Genuine Tools

We equip with genuine app testing tools that accelerate us on the path of achieving bug-free mobile apps.

Security assurance

Our user's security is our top priority & we keep app & user data security as our foremost priority.

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