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In-depth mobile app strategy
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For successful fruition of your tech start up idea

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Our enthusiasm for innovation and passion for humanity drives us to create solutions that not just work but serve
a purpose; a purpose to ease your everyday lives.

Perform Detailed Market Research

Uncover the true grass root picture

Systematically Interpret Customer Demand

Single out effective demand from perceived demand

Analyse True Future Scope of Investment

Gain a firm idea of the ROI you can realistically expect

Smartly Study the Competitor Landscape

Figure out your own Unique Selling Proposition

Work on Robust Analysis & App Prototyping

Invest in smart groundwork planning & avoid costly mistakes and delays

Implement the Idea with Confidence

Meet with Success upon Execution

End to end app strategy & consulting services

At promatics, we measure our success with your apps success. With our strategy and consulting services, we strive to ensure that your app idea is refined to its highest potential and is well moulded so as to contribute to your business objectives best.

01Detailing Out Key User Personas

We deeply study the target market and develop detailed personas of end users of the app. This step forms the guiding base of astrategic planning and execution.

02Brainstorming Over Appropriate Features

Depending on the intended end users, we brainstorm to arrive at the list of features to optimize the app’s success rate

03Strategizing Optimal UI-UX Design

Thereafter, we start brainstorming over a UI-UX design flow that’s sure to delight users, while enabling them with an unmatched navigation feel and experience

04Introducing Personalization

Keeping in mind that every app needs a USP in today’s competitive landscape, we explore meaningful personalization options to help your app to stand out for a good reason

05Establishing Meaningful KPI’s

Simply designing a good app is not enough. It must meet the business goals as well. To that end, we work on establishing a list of measurable KPIs to ensure the best return on investment for you

06Assessing Project Budget

Encompassing the entire plan, we strategize thoroughly to ensure that the execution estimate falls within your budget

07Optimizing Delivery & Schedule

Finally, we work on ensuring the most agile delivery and development schedule.

Industry verticals we have demonstrated expertise in

From transporting, delivering food and groceries to booking your medical appointment, the on-demand economy is growing.

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