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Transforming the Shopping Experience Through an On-Demand E-Commerce Platform

E-commerce stores have remodeled the traditional shopping experience to a more versatile and global one. Where each e-commerce brand is at tooth and nail of another, having your brand stand out can keep you several miles ahead in progress. Here, at Promatics, we have the entire toolbox of expertise to have your brand gain the global recognition it deserves. 

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Peaked Revenues Using our In-Depth Analysis and High-Tech Features

Expanding possibilities, the growth of e-commerce has dramatically accelerated and will continue to do so in the upcoming era.

Retail & Shopping Location Features

Our team puts your store’s location on different search engines and location apps. This way, your potential customers can find your store quickly and also get redirected to your website.

Retail & Shopping Search and Reserve

Our tech features allow customers to search for the products they’re looking for in your store, reserve them on-site, and collect them from the store whenever it’s feasible.

Retail & Shopping Convenient Interfaces

We integrate the latest interfaces in your online website, facilitating customers in using numerics throughout the site. Our team also knows how to let the website save customer information on checkouts, making it easier to check out the next time.

Retail & Shopping Clever Displays and Click Buttons

Our developers know that if you can’t attract a customer through strategic displays, they won’t stay on the website. Thus, we innovate visuals and add click-on buttons to make the experience better. 

Retail & Shopping Discount Coupons for Loyal Customers

Loyalty programs accommodate customers who have consistently revisited and bought products from your brand. Promatics’ experts use the opportunity to place discount coupons for these customers the next time they visit your site. 

Retail & Shopping Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment options is a utility our e-commerce experts don’t dismiss. We set up various options, including bank transfer, COD, credit/debit card, and Paypal, on your website for customers who can then make their choice.


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eCommerce Fashion App

V2 Retail, a New Delhi based fast fashion company collaborated with Promatics technologies to develop a distinctive eCommerce mobile app that is targeted at Gen Z buyers’ familiar with Zara, Uniqlo and H&M apps. This app has been singularly designed to furnish an extraordinary shopping experience through an array of avant-garde features and functionalities.

Converting Your Brand to a Digitalized System for the Upcoming Marketplace

Creating and maximizing any brand’s online presence is not an easy task, but we’re the masters of the e-commerce industry. Knowledge, skills, and a team that does it all; we have these three elements on our fingertips. Promatics ensures your brand is getting the best of the digitalized world alongside increasing your customer retention, trust, and loyalty.

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Throughout the project, the team was proactive in providing progress updates and addressing my concerns. Their dedication to client satisfaction was evident in their timely responses and willingness to make any necessary revisions. It was a breath of fresh air to work with a company that values its clients and is committed to delivering outstanding results.


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