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In the world of digital businesses, a user’s experience while navigating through a piece technology plays a vital role in influencing product success

Simplistic, fluid designs and interaction flows enhance a user’s navigation experience, impacts their dwell time and thereby influences the conversion outcomes.

At Promatics, our UX Design experts work systematically to craft intuitive, sticky customer experiences with strategic UX design.

Our strategic ux design services include

When you choose our UX design review services, we evaluate your product’s usability. Then we provide you with a written document created by our UX expert that includes the following:

In-depth User Research

Detailed analysis of end user persona and their journey maps to craft the most fluid process flows.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Development of mock ups, wireframes, and working prototypes to systematically test out the technology design with the end users, and analyse early feedback for design and development .

Product Design

Building low fidelity and high-fidelity design plans in collaboration with UI designers, considering the interactions of colour schemes, hierarchies, textures, shapes, typography and so on.


Once the whole roadmap for improvements is clear, our team proceeds with implementing the recommendations you’ve approved. We fix all design issues and implement new features to improve product usability.

The Designer’s Activities...

  • Concept Definition
  • Discovery of product purpose, target audience and their key expectations.

  • Design Strategy
  • Customizing the design plans to determine the end product’s ideal look and feel, while aligning it with specific business goals, target persona and technical requirements.

  • UI Design & Interactions
  • Sketching out the different storyboards by adding the tangible design elements along with their planned interactions in wireframes.

  • Actual UI Development
  • Engineering a working front-end prototype that can be integrated with the backend, thereby transforming the mock up into reality.

  • Experience Testing
  • Time bound systematic testing to identify and fix design deviations before the actual product launch.

StudentKare – Pedagogical E-Tailer Web and Mobile App

Kare Enterprises, an educational e-commerce platform, partnered with Promatics technologies to develop a cutting-edge website and mobile app that caters to the specific needs of students, businesses, and customers. The goal of the collaboration was to create a seamless online shopping experience for school essentials, saving time, and providing transparency in pricing. The StudentKare website and mobile app were designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and efficient, reflecting their commitment to quality educational services.


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