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A specialist is always better than a general physician and so is the case with mobile apps. The smartphone world revolves around two virtual universes i.e., iOS and Android, each with its own set of tools, upsides and drawbacks. But as a company, you want to cater audience from both sides. Native apps are developed for one ecosystem keeping in mind the opportunities specific to that ecosystem and end up performing better than a hybrid one.

Utilizing the facilities provided by ecosystems, seasoned developers at Promatics will make sure that your app reaches the pinnacle of optimization and delivers a seamless user experience.


Native App Technologies

Android by Google and iOS by Apple are the two empires of smartphone software and your app needs to be the best of both worlds for your company to make skyrocketing profits.

Here’s how we can assist you on the journey:


Our engineers yield the maximum out of Xcode, SwiftUI and UIkit and combine it with years of experience to make your product do wonders.

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Android is no less than iOS and our Google certified engineers take great pride in creating digital masterpieces that are a tribute to the freedom this ecosystem offers.

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The Native Advantage

Since each operating system has its own ups and downs, native apps for either of iOS and Android standout from the competition because they are keenly carved to optimally utilize the operating system and guarantee the experience your user needs.


Native App Features

Extended Support

Benefit from the tools and tricks that ecosystems provide

Hardware Management

Manage your apps features and available hardware resources to the optimal level

Improved UX

Integrate the UX with the OS for a unified presentation with the device

Easier Compatibility

Native apps are compatible by birth which allows for easier integration and error management

Expert Resources

Skills developers for one platform make the process seem like a piece of cake

Enhanced Stability

A native app by nature has less chances to crash, it’s like a lion in its den



eCommerce Fashion App

V2 Retail, a New Delhi based fast fashion company collaborated with Promatics technologies to develop a distinctive eCommerce mobile app that is targeted at Gen Z buyers’ familiar with Zara, Uniqlo and H&M apps. This app has been singularly designed to furnish an extraordinary shopping experience through an array of avant-garde features and functionalities.


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