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An Advanced Software Approach for the Next-Generation Fintech Leaders

Our software developers understand the importance of keeping up with the technological advancements where fintech solutions are involved. Our engineers have comprehensive skills and knowledge related to the fintech industry to offer the latest software services.

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Bringing the Latest Fintech Features to the Table, Where Privacy Comes First

Where finances and transactions occur, Promatics provides a solid digital security system that is 100% breach-free and is guaranteed to protect your and your client’s data. Our security is designed using layers of protection that detect and prevent attackers before they can hack through it.

Fintech Solutions that Go Beyond the Traditional Outdated Challenges

Promatics developers have extensive experience working with numerous clients, giving us the heads up needed to integrate the latest digital products to enhance your fintech usage. Our solutions user-driven platform is complete with everything you need for a secure digital environment.

FIntech Solutions Financial Solutions

Our fintech features allow clients to gain a detailed insight into their monetary holdings and the investment market to make the most profitable choices for their finances.

FIntech Solutions Hack-Free Platform

Our expertly-built platform provides maximum protection against hackers and ensures a fraud-free mechanism. We ensure strict monitoring of our clients’ profiles and transactions, enabling immediate fraud detection.

FIntech Solutions Financial Management App

Where every individual is concerned regarding keeping a check and balance on their wealth, our user-friendly resources make this process a piece of cake too. Using our fintech software, users can keep track of their finances and manage them efficiently.

FIntech Solutions Branchless Digital Wallets

Our digital wallets are a hassle-free bank account within your mobile, without the usual banking problems. Send and receive money through multiple options, including ATM card, NFC, bank account, and mobile number.


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Transforming the Freelance Marketplace Web App

Constal is an online freelancing platform that connects businesses and organizations with skilled Talents from around the world. The platform was founded in 2020 by Abdullah Bash & Alamira and has since transformed the way people work and hire worldwide. Constal is committed to providing top construction industry talents with construction companies across the globe. The platform is curated by industry experts who aim to disrupt the traditional way of working and become more agile, efficient, and digital. By using Constal, businesses and organizations can save time and money while being confident that their projects will be a success.

Reinventing the Fintech Industry Through Customized, Innovative Solutions

At Promatics, we’ve taken the necessary steps to improve the fintech experience for our customers, giving them a step ahead in this new technological era of digital financing through products that keep their finances accessible and secure. 

Multi Account

Auto payments


Data analytics

Push Notifications

KYC Platform

Robust & secure

Payment options

Lending & Mortgage



Tax/Loan Calculators

Throughout the project, the team was proactive in providing progress updates and addressing my concerns. Their dedication to client satisfaction was evident in their timely responses and willingness to make any necessary revisions. It was a breath of fresh air to work with a company that values its clients and is committed to delivering outstanding results.


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