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Blockchain Development Solution

Redefining the business transactions with a decentralized system that shapes your innovative dreams into reality and offers a safe and secure solution to lead your brand towards digitalized growth.

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At Promatics, we continue to rebuild the traditional business transaction model and revolutionize it for the future of complete digitalization. With our multi-domain expertise, we offer our services to businesses in various industries and strive to bring them to the top with an efficient decentralized blockchain system.






Blockchain App Development Solutions

With the radical changes in the business industry moving towards blockchain systems, we’ve kept our services up-to-date. We offer multiple solutions that redefine the transaction processes for businesses and provide efficiency, transparency, and security.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX)

Promatics is determined to make our clients a trendsetter for decentralized exchanges. Equip your brand with advanced tech alongside direct transactions that reduce the risks in transactions using third-party systems. Not only that, but our DEX service makes transactions cheaper, reliable, and hackless for businesses.


Where third-party transaction apps have been a headache for businesses for many years, our dApp development service provides a solution to these problems. From brainstorming the idea to creating the finalized version, our experts take care of your needs to ensure a decentralized app that offers autonomy, privacy, transparency, and security on one platform. 

Blockchain wallets

A future-proof service that actualizes a customized crypto wallet for your business. We incorporate our tech-oriented knowledge and expertise to develop blockchain wallets that safekeep your business’s crypto assets alongside saving and storing data related to the current balance and transaction history. 

Smart contracts

Our experts implement the best practices in the blockchain development industry to create and optimize smart contracts fully adapted to your business’s requirements. Our automated smart contracts guarantee a bug-free experience as secure and transparent as ever. 

Technologies we use in Blockchain

We craft a whole new blockchain dimension for businesses using an array of tools that our team has skillfully mastered over the years. 

Our Engineering Capabilities in Blockchain

At Promatics, we go through leaps and bounds to deliver what we promise to clients that have put their trust in us consistently. Our Blockchain engineers come with the knowledge and skills required to make any and every blockchain project a success. 

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