IoT is unleashing tremendous opportunities with connected devices.

Industry based IoT Solutions & Applications

Empowering businesses to meet and exceed their desired goals through smart solutions that create an innovative, future-based IoT environment.

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As a front runner in IoT solutions and application development, Promatics extends its expertise to a wide range of industries, from retail and healthcare to automotive, smart home, and industrial markets. Due to the contrasting requirements of these industries, we offer customized solutions that fit our client’s needs.



Smart Home



IOT Development Services

Embrace the power of IoT to gear up your business for future market trends. We equip our clients with the technology through modernized IoT solutions and help them shift to the digital ecosystem. With Promatics, your brand can reach a much wider market and pace up the duration to attain the brand’s goals.

Smart Home Automation

Automation is no longer a concept of the distant future. With a vision for tomorrow, Promatics assists businesses in developing a smart home system and application with high-end features built to satisfy the requirements of your clients. Develop a hack-less and truly intricate smart home solution for limitless opportunities with our expert developers. 

IoT for Automotive

he automotive industry is fixed on creating smart solutions for futuristic vehicles, and we’re here to help them through it. With predictive analysis, smartphone integration, connected automobiles, real-time information, optimized manufacturing, and increased product reliability- the automotive industry, using IoT tools and techniques, is adapting itself to a new era. 

Retail Solutions

IoT is making advanced changes to the world of future retail experiences. Using IoT, your brand is bound to make leaps while reaping the benefits of tools such as inventory management, supply chain management, data analysis for increased customer satisfaction, and strengthened cybersecurity. Equip your business for the future of retail with Promatics, today!

Smart Energy Management

Our professionals can help your business develop IoT solutions and applications based on smart energy management, a need of time. We plan, develop, and incorporate the tools and features into a future-proof smart home management app for your business. Optimize your energy consumption and improve efficiency with a solution that measures, monitors, and manages it all.

Technologies we use in IOT

We utilize premium tools for our IoT developing process, and our team is qualified to handle them to advanced levels.

IOT Application Development Process
That Evolves With Your Needs

Our smart IoT solutions are built to handle a number of processes, improve business’s efficiency, and digitalize them for the new era. For this reason, we look after everything a business needs to become IoT-advanced using our vast knowledge and skills.

System Integration


Smart Multi-Tenant

Data Processing
and Analysis 

Data Center

App Development



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