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Constal - Transforming the Freelance Marketplace Web App

Constal is an online freelancing platform that connects businesses and organizations with skilled Talents from around the world. The platform was founded in 2020 by Abdullah Bash & Alamira and has since transformed the way people work and hire worldwide. Constal is committed to providing top construction industry talents with construction companies across the globe. The platform is curated by industry experts who aim to disrupt the traditional way of working and become more agile, efficient, and digital. By using Constal, businesses and organizations can save time and money while being confident that their projects will be a success.

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My Constal (Abdullah Bash & Alamira Al Bash)
Web App Development

The Challenge

Constal aimed to revolutionize the construction industry by adopting a digital approach, requiring a user-friendly and robust website. Promatics, a leading web and mobile apps development company, was engaged to design and develop a website reflecting Constal's vision and values. The website needed to provide clients and freelancers seamless communication and comprehensive features to manage construction projects. Promatics ensured scalability and flexibility to meet growing demands, integrated project management, scheduling, collaboration, and quality control features while ensuring security and ease of use.

    Client’s Expectations
  • Robust Project Catalog with Customizable Filters
  • Simplified UI/UX for Easy Navigation
  • AI Based Candidate Matching Algorithm
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Proposal Drafting
  • Job/Project Contract
  • Bidding System
    Promatics’ Deliverables
  • Consulting and Gap Analysis
  • Website and Admin Panel Design and Development
  • Responsive Design Website Optimized for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Devices
  • Candidate Screening
  • SEO Optimized SSR Build
  • AI Based Job Search Engine
  • Escrow Payment System

Prominent Features

Constal is a global freelance marketplace connecting businesses with talents worldwide. Features include customizable job postings, advanced search, and reputation system. Time tracking, invoicing, project management, and collaborative workrooms available. With extensive resources, certification programs, and community support, Constal is a comprehensive platform for remote collaboration.


Verifying Talent(Freelancer)

Constal provides a mechanism to verify freelancers' skills and credentials, fostering trust between clients and freelancers. The platform offers certification programs and skills tests that enable freelancers to showcase their expertise and increase their likelihood of being hired.


Global Freelance Marketplace

Constal is a global freelance marketplace connecting businesses with worldwide talents. Features: customizable job postings, advanced search, and reputation system. Time tracking, invoicing, project management, and collaborative workrooms available. With extensive resources, certification programs, and community support, Constal is a comprehensive platform for remote collaboration.


Customizable Job Posting

Constal offers a dynamic job posting system that allows clients to tailor their postings to their specific needs, identifying the skills and experience required for the project. This feature provides businesses with a level of control and specificity in their hiring process, ensuring that they can attract the right talent and find the best match for their project requirements. With this powerful tool, clients can efficiently and effectively find the perfect freelancer for their job.


Collaborative Workroom

Constal's collaborative workroom enables secure and seamless collaboration between clients and freelancers. The central hub provides messaging, video conferencing, and real-time file sharing for streamlined project management and communication. With a productive and efficient environment, Constal empowers clients and freelancers to achieve their project goals.


Built-in project management tools

Constal features a suite of built-in project management tools designed to help clients and freelancers manage their projects with ease and efficiency. These tools include task lists, milestones, and progress tracking, allowing for streamlined communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. With these powerful project management features, clients and freelancers can stay organized, meet project deadlines, and achieve their goals efficiently.


Constal Talent Cloud

Constal's Talent Cloud is a vast network of over thousands skilled freelancers from around the world, providing businesses with access to a diverse range of expertise and experience. With a wide variety of skills and specializations represented, the Talent Cloud empowers businesses to find the right talent for their project needs, whether they require a seasoned expert or an up-and-coming specialist.


Constal Escrow Protection

The website features an escrow payment system that provides a secure and trusted payment process for both clients and freelancers. With this system in place, clients and freelancers are protected during payment transactions, ensuring a safe and reliable way to conduct business on the platform.


Extensive freelancer resources

The platform provides an abundance of resources to freelancers, including access to educational materials and community support. These resources are designed to help freelancers enhance their skills, build their professional profiles, and connect with like-minded individuals to form a robust and supportive community.


Constal Messages

Constal Messages is a robust communication tool that allows for real-time and seamless interaction between clients and freelancers. The feature supports multiple modes of communication, including text, voice, and video chat, enabling efficient collaboration and faster project completion. With Constal Messages, clients and freelancers can communicate in a way that suits their preferences and work styles, without any interruptions or delays.



Promatics has triumphantly delivered a bespoke the freelance industry platform, satisfying all of the client's expectations with exceptional quality. Constal is a user-friendly website that seamlessly connects businesses with talented freelancers from all over the world. By simplifying the hiring process, handling payments and contracts, and creating a reputation system, Constal has revolutionized the way organizations find and hire top-notch talent. Additionally, the platform has provided a wealth of opportunities for freelancers, empowering them to work remotely and earn a living from anywhere in the world. The success of Constal is a shining example of how innovation and technology can make a profound impact on people's lives and transform entire industries. Promatics' role in delivering such a groundbreaking platform is truly commendable.

Key Achievements
A Mobile-first Design Approach

A Mobile-first Design Approach was implemented for the website, prioritizing mobile compatibility and providing a seamless experience for users on all mobile devices. The website was meticulously optimized for mobile screens, utilizing a responsive layout that automatically adapts to various screen sizes, providing an exceptional user experience.

Listed on 50 most promising startups by Cemex Ventures

Recognition as one of the most promising startups by Cemex Ventures has boosted Constal's credibility and increased investor interest, leading to more funding and growth opportunities.

Seamless Monitoring Feature

Constal platform boasts an integrated time tracker feature that allows for seamless monitoring of freelancer working hours, as well as the automatic generation of invoices. This feature provides businesses with a convenient solution to track freelancer billable hours and streamline their billing process.

Selected by Arabian business in Top-5 finalists

Being selected by Arabian Business in the top 5 finalists highlights Constal's growing reputation as a leader in the global freelance marketplace. This recognition will likely bring increased visibility and credibility to the platform, leading to more clients and freelancers choosing to use Constal for their work-related needs.

Access to global talent pool

Independent Construction Contractors, clients gain access to a diverse and highly skilled global pool of construction professionals. All professionals are thoroughly vetted to ensure that clients have access to the best possible talent for their construction projects.

Premier Marketplace Platform for Independent Construction Contractors

Being a prominent freelance marketplace platform, Constal's foray into the construction industry is poised to make a significant impact by providing a platform for proficient and qualified independent contractors to showcase their exceptional abilities and connect with prospective clients seeking their services. This shall inevitably result in enhanced operational efficiency, substantial cost savings, and superior project outcomes for all stakeholders involved, including clients and contractors alike.

Payment Protection

Constal’s Payment Protection mechanism serves as a robust safeguard, guaranteeing prompt remuneration to freelancers for their diligent efforts while simultaneously ensuring clients receive the desired deliverables for which they have made payment. The system is fortified by a robust dispute resolution process, designed to swiftly resolve any contingencies that may arise during the course of the project.

Constal's Impact Role in Empowering Small Businesses and Startups

Constal's cost-effective platform democratizes access to a global talent pool, enabling small businesses and startups to compete with larger corporations. With affordable rates and user-friendly tools, Constal empowers businesses of all sizes to leverage top-tier talent, creating a more level playing field.

Revolutionizing Industry Practices

Revolutionizing industry practices with transparency and accountability through innovative solutions. Constal platform offers secure and reliable features such as built-in payment systems, contract management tools, and dispute resolution mechanisms. We empower clients and contractors with transparency to drive growth and success in the freelance industry.

Talent Acquisition for Lasting Partnerships

Constal's Contractor Recruitment & Talent Sourcing Services foster long-term partnerships by matching clients with skilled professionals. With bespoke solutions tailored to meet specific needs, Constal's vast network of experienced contractors enables access to top-tier talent for successful, long-lasting partnerships.


Software &
Technologies Used

Languages we have used to create app user friendly across multiple devices without compromising the speed.


Mange the data from Admin side


To scale the applications in both directions

Atlas MongoDB

Atlas MongoDB is a cloud-based managed NoSQL database service.


Express is a flexible Node.js web application framework


It is a programming language used for creating interactive web pages


HTML is the markup language used for creating web pages


CSS is a styling language used for designing web pages


Bootstrap is a responsive front-end development framework




As a client, I'm impressed with Promatics' development work. They exceeded our expectations in delivering a visually appealing and functional platform. Their team listened to our needs, providing insightful recommendations throughout the process. Their user-friendly platform with AI-based job search, matching algorithm, and candidate screening tool has been a game-changer for our business, saving time and money while ensuring the right talent for the job. Highly recommended for quality development services

Abdullah Al Bash
CEO and Founder

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