10 Tips to Get the Best from your Developers

The developers of an internet business owner like you are of course, your assets. True that you have to make capital out of their efficiency as much as you can but often, it seems a tricky business to deal with these people when it comes to communicating with them. Here goes a thorough guide to obtain their skill to the best:


1. Clear View of Your Requirements:
You must give a full view of your idea to the developers, right before the beginning. Yes, they have questions to make it further clear. So, discuss the problems with them. That will lead you to the solution soon.

2. Thorough Documentation:
Before the leap you must look clearly into the project. Flowcharts and Interface sketches will help your team to get a full view of the functional and the technical issues.

3. No Pseudo Code:
Don’t go for Pseudo Code if you are not a programmer yourself. That will rather complicate the simple, easy-going things and incur unnecessary troubles for your developers to know what you actually want them to do.

4. Take Time while Programming:
Rash software development is no good for attaining your requirements in time. It’s only synonymous with poor planning which will pose obstructions at every level. So, discuss and analyze your requirements thoroughly before taking decisions.

5. Decision must be Clear:
During the development process, your programmers are supposed to take decisions in no time. They will require your suggestions. Be prompt and confident while making those innumerable decisions. Don’t seek opinions from each of your colleagues. That will reduce unnecessary dilly-dallies.

6. Don’t change the Scope:
You mustn’t change the scope in the midst of the development procedure. That can be fatally ruinous to the project and pose a threat to your deadline. May be, you’ve discovered a more promising scope elsewhere. But implementing that immediately is unwise.

7. Vague Assumptions are Ruinous:
Don’t expect your developers to implement some features anew assuming that will not suffer the deadline. Of course, it may. After all, how can a non-developer be so sure about the time it can spoil?
8. Deadlines mustn’t be set on Air:
Unrealistic deadlines are no good to boost up your developers. Set attainable completion date. Else, you’ll face a bug-ridden monstrosity that’ll take much longer to fix.

9. Be Flexible regarding Schedule:
Make room for unpredictable problems, because you may have to change your pre-set schedule to fix those problems.

10. Get your Application Tested:
The more you’re doubtful about your success, the better. Checking the application on your own will find its loopholes. After all, it’s your vision. Why should you rely on the developers to test it?

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