11 ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms

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Social media plays a very important role in mobile app marketing. App developers can make use of popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote their mobile apps across multiple platforms and reach millions of users across the internet.


In a study, it was found that Americans spend more than 20% of their time on social media platforms. Using such statistics, app developers can target specific demographics with Facebook ads, posting blogs about their app, providing regular updates and so on. All these strategies yield better ROI compared to other advertising platforms.


If you want to promote your mobile app through social platform, you need to play a smart game. Not all the mobile apps that are promoted through social platforms are successful. Many app developers invest countless hours in social media marketing strategies, but fail to have anything for their effort and time.


Here are a few simple and yet effective ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms.


1. Choose a suitable social site


There are many social sites that allow you to promote your mobile app. The most important thing is to choose the best site that is suitable for your app. Product Hunt, Launching Next and Springwise are some of the best social sites thatcreates hype for your mobile app. It takes a couple of minutes to fill and submit the form across these sites.


Choose a suitable social site - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


Besides this, you can try Facebook Groups, Messenger, The StartupPitch, Netted, Startupli.st, Betalist, AppStorm, Rate My Startup etc. All these social sites are best to promote your mobile app across the internet. You can promote your mobile app in a better way, by being an active member at these social sites.


2. Know your target audience


Identifying the target audience is one of the important aspects of social media marketing. Your promotional activity is of no use, if it does not reach target audience. The success rate of any marketing campaign revolves around the targeted customers. App developers should know about the target audience, their interests and what exactly they are looking for.


Know your target audience - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


You can make best use of social media to promote your app, as it allows you to target users by age, gender, interests and geography. These targeting options are useful, if you understand the customer in detail.


3. Be active throughout


Being active on social media channels is of utmost importance, as it builds trust. Users believe only those individuals and firms that are thoroughly active on social platforms. If you want to create a strong fan base, you should engage your audience on a regular basis.


Be active throughout - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


Being active on social media doesn’t mean that you login every day and communicate with your audience. You can be active by positing relevant content, providing updates, posting ads and so on. You need to invest some time and money to create a strong fan base.


4. Reward users who share


You can make best user of the users by turning them into marketers. Find some creative ways to use them to get more exposure to your mobile app. There are many reputed companies that use their huge user base for free marketing. In return, they announce rewards to the users who contribute to their marketing campaign.


Reward users who share - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


You can promote your mobile app across social media effectively by encouraging users for social shares and rewarding them for marketing your mobile app.


5. Create engaging videos


A well-directed and edited video of your mobile app along with a virtual description of purpose of app is the most powerful message you can send to your consumer base. You can clear basic questions about your app such as – what is the purpose of your mobile app? What devices support the app? Is it available for free or not? And so on.


Create engaging videos - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


Once you are ready with the edited video, publish it across different social media sites you have. Some of the competent platforms where you can promote videos are – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Engaging and informative videos help you convert users into potential customers.


6. Use content as a weapon


Every social media platform is using content in the form of articles, blogs, PR and so on. The best way to engage your audience on social sites is to use screen shots, game play, videos, character art work, app captures etc and associated them with valuable content to maximize the effectiveness of such content.


Use content as a weapon - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


Featuring the app on emails, social media ads, leveraging the mobile website etc are some other ways to promote your app on social sites using content marketing strategies.


7. Reach social media influencers


The best way to market your app on social media is to reach out and collaborate with social media influencers. Seek out professional bloggers, popular instagrammers, Facebook page owners and online publications to use their individual platforms and skills to promote you app.


Reach social media influencers - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


Make sure to keep your message clear, especially when reaching out the influencers. Give an explanation why you are reaching them and what your expectations are. Keep everything simple to get most out of their social marketing skills.


8. Join developer groups on social media


You can increase the visibility of your app on social groups and communities such as – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc to become better known among developers and other professionals. Ask for feedback on your app by giving promo code to try out your app.


Join developer groups on social media - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


Discuss the current features of your app, future updates, and bug fixes. Value their opinion regardless of their feedback. This way you can build great relationship with them which might give you an opportunity to promote your app without spending a penny.


9. Stay committed


Social media marketing is the best and cost effective strategy to promote your app. However, they need lot of time, dedication and commitment. You should be able to keep the audience interested in your mobile app by providing frequent updates.


Keep the audience interested - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


Sneak peaks, stimulated questions and co-created content would make the app relevant and keep the interest of audience. You can post 2-3 things about your mobile app in a week to maintain the interest of your audience. Remember that posting too much might irritate the audience and kill their interest.


10. Automate wherever possible


Most of the app developers don’t have much time to operate social media account. However, there are many automated tools that help developers manage their accounts with ease. These easy and commercial tools can automate the activities and line-up the updates in advance that need to be published.


Automate wherever possible - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


Hootsuite is one such tool that allows developers to automate their Facebook and twitter posts in advance.


11. Use ‘One Click’ rule


Mobile apps can be downloaded instantly with just a single click. To get your app, users need not to go to store. You can include downloadable links in the social sites to promote your app effectively. The app should not be away from the content you create and share on social sites.


Use ‘One Click’ rule - Ways to promote your mobile app through social platforms


Content plays a very important role in user experience. If you make it too hard for people to find a way to click and download the app, they get distracted and lose interest. They may not come back to your app or try downloading it. Using ‘One Click’ tip help you reach potential customers who are actually interested in your mobile app.


By following the above ways, you can take your mobile app campaign to great heights. If you feel we have missed any effective way to promote mobile apps across social sites, tell us in the comments below.

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