5 Key Elements for an Effective B2C Mobile Marketing Strategy

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The growth of mobile has been explosive over the last few years. When it comes to B2C brand marketing, if your brand has not enough mobile presence, and a driven mobile marketing strategy, your brand could easily fall behind the reach of users. The is because the main device that is used to access social media is mobile. For brands that are into B2C sector, there are lot of opportunities to attract potential customers and convert them into long-term users of your brand. Applying an effective mobile marketing strategy can play a major role in attracting a bulk of customers for your brand.


There few key elements for an effective mobile marketing strategy, five of them are listed below:


5 Key Elements for an Effective B2C Mobile Marketing Strategy


Social Media Marketing:

These days mobile are the major platform which is used to access social media. Most of social media including Facebook, Instagram provides option of advertising which helps brands to reach ample number of users across the globe. Advertisements are highly customizable and you can select from profession to interest to geographic location. These kind of customized features are integrated so that you can reach the most relevant users that may help your brand to generate revenue. For an instance, let’s say that your brand is into ecommerce servicing entire India, and then there is no use to advertise your brands outside India because even if the user is interested, you are not going to help them out.
With the growth of mobile and smartphone, go ahead and advertise on popular social media channels in-order to reach prominent users.


Mobile Content should be tailored:

While developing mobile content, it should be kept in mind that you provide highly user-experience to your customer/consumer. Anything that interferes into it may lead to lose your customer, finally diminishing your company’s success.

Most important of all, mobile content should be short and concise so that user can get overall idea by going through short content. Too much lengthy content may irritate user and they may move to other option, leaving your brand behind. Usually it is difficult for the customers to digest content containing too much text.
Font plays a major role in indulging users, as they are reading on their mobile which is smaller than laptop or desktop. So it is recommended to use larger and readable fonts so that user can easily read them without putting too much pressure on their eyes. Consider using font styles like italics, bold etc and put emphasis on words which you want user to understand.
Loading time of website matters a lot. Users usually don’t want to sit and wait for your mobile website to load. They will quickly move onto your competitors.  So it is recommended to get light mobile site for your brand.


Mobile-friendly Emails:

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect and communicate with a targeted list of customers. Emailing user about the promotional sale or discount is very helpful in getting customers/consumers and encourages them to buy from your brand, finally increasing the sales.
While sending promotional emails to users, it should be kept in mind that your email loads quickly. Design template for email marketing should be mobile friendly and should fit across all essential mobile. Email should be easy to read on small screen and should be optimized for touch screen.
For an instance, if your email isn’t loading properly or button such as buy now is not clickable, users are not going to buy from your website. To engage users and make them their permanent customer, it is very essential to always optimize your emails for small devices.


Hyper-Targeted ads:

Keeping the traditional ads aside, advancement in mobile technology has given rise to hyper-targeted ads. Hyper-targeted ads allow you to use GPS location of the customer to send them an immediate offer. Imagine sending a customer about a latest offers in your restaurant when they are near to the restaurant. If you want to serve users on a specific location, than you can use hyper-targeted ads so that you can advertise your brand on a precise location. Hyper-targeted ad has now become one of the valuable assets of mobile marketing.
Let’s consider if you own an ecommerce brand –with this sort of technology you can easily serve users visiting a competitor’s store with a special discount coupon, encouraging them to visit your website for their purchase instead. Many brands have implemented this strategy successfully to attract potential customers.


Responsive Design:

A responsive mobile website is the most crucial component of mobile marketing strategy. If your mobile website is not optimized for smaller devices like mobile or tablet, you are not going to give users a good user-experience.
Responsive design ensures that the website fits on screen of the user, regardless of the device that they are using. Having a responsive design lessens the effort of user to go through your website. Users accessing your website need not to zoom-in, zoom-out to view photos. Field forms should be optimized for touch screen, buttons should be easily clickable. Overall a mobile website should be easily digestible by users instead of having a hard time.
You are going to sell something from your website, so obviously customer experience should be excellent, any interference to buy a product, whether it is font being unreadable, buttons not clickable etc may get customers to divert from your brand.


To effectively promote your brand and engage users to generate sales online, a strong mobile marketing is very important. Though there are many key elements to be kept in mind for mobile marketing strategy, above listed elements are only some of the essentials.
The significance of mobile marketing is only going to increase in coming years’. There will be newer platforms. The only means to succeed is to be clear in your objectives, creating a memorable content and promoting it intelligently.

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