8 ways to improve your app’s customer satisfaction

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Mobile apps have revolutionized the way customer engage with companies. Today, thousands of brands are using mobile apps to improve customer care while locking the existing customers and attracting new customers. The success of any mobile app depends on its ability to provide its customers an enhanced user experience that will eventually increase your brand reputation.


People want to access more information without the need of opening desktops and laptops. In such case, mobile apps can provide appropriate solution to customers by allowing them to access relevant information. Delivering excellent customer experience plays a crucial role in the survival of any business.


According to the research conducted by GlobalWebIndex, more than 80% of online customers use smartphones – as a result of which more and more companies are introducing mobile apps for their customers. From this, we can say that mobile apps act as the best marketing tool that helps you develop your business.


Now, the question is how to convince your users to use your mobile app? How to improve the customer satisfaction of your mobile app? Well here are the top 8 ways to improve your app’s user satisfaction.


1. Proper engagement with customers

Mobile apps have the ability to make or break your brand. Hence, it must allow customers exchange messages with your brand and other users. In short, your app should give you an opportunity to show gratitude towards your customers.




They will always remember how easy it was for them to reach your team, in time of need. You can use a variety of tools to encourage customers to exchange opinions, creating social communities around your business. The more and more the audience listens to your brand, the more they are likely to respond to what you offer.


2. Use in-app support tools

Your app must have a help desk within it. For example, you can provide live chat option that helps customers who seek real-time assistance. Use the QR code forms so that your customers can interact through offline channels also. This type of service will convince frustrated users. Your customer support representative can initiate a one-to-one conversation with the customer and resolve the issue with much ease.




Your users should be allowed to share their experience through one-touch support tools. The key benefit of integrating in-app help desk is to reduce the number of tickets generated by the customers. The in-app support tools can assist you in resolving their queries and problems on their own without the need of raising a ticket.


3. Always be reachable

Mobile apps have the power to bridge the gap between customers and brands. It can shorten the distance between them by providing ultimate digital experience. Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to talk to real time. Additionally, it will have a tremendous impact on your business.   Allow your customers to reach out through email, text or phone just by tapping an icon on the mobile app. This way, you can provide a better user experience and hook your customer to your business.


Set a default message to facilitate your customers so that they don’t have to bother typing the message. The messages should allow them to submit a request without typing the message.


4. Encourage customers to provide feedback

Customer feedback helps you measure the level of customer satisfaction. There are different ways to get feedback from customers. There are endless ways to ask customers to give feedback. Ask customers to take part in the surveys you conduct through your mobile app.  You can even ask the customers to rate your products and services through your mobile app.


Businesses can also get suggestions from existing customers on how to develop their business. Such kind of surveys will attract customers and make them feel a part of your brand.It’s time to enhance your customer experience through survey and feedback forms. Customers will surely appreciate if you fulfill their requirements. Feedback will help you know their requirements and provide it in a better way.


5. Don’t promote unnecessarily

Customers really appreciate when you update them with new products or services. You can use your app to establish a two-way conversation with your customers. But, make sure not to promote unnecessarily – as customers get annoyed with multiple notifications and repetitive messages. For example – if your customers forget to add complete transactions for 2-3 days – you can send a gentle reminder.


You can get an insight of customer behavior so that to ensure them of the best quality customer service.   Remember that whatever you offer, it should be personalized as per the customer needs. The secret is not to promote your services louder than others.


6. Allow them to access important information

If the customer has a question that your representative is unable to answer, it can be frustrating to the customer. Allow your customer to access all the important information with a single tap on the mobile app. Today, consumers are more familiar with online procedures. It is easier for them to find information on their own – rather than waiting for the assistance of customer service representative.




Various mobile apps have become a powerful way to provide relevant information to the customers. Mobile apps not only provide relevant information to the customers but are a convenient means for companies to remain engaged with their customers.


7. Keep the app updated

Usually, customers download apps based on the advertisement or when a friend recommends. Once they have downloaded your app, you need to find ways to hold the interest of the user. You should be updating your app with new features or compelling content that maintains the interest of users. Make sure not to update the app frequently, as it may degrade the quality of your app.


On the contrary, waiting a long period to release updates can also damage the reputation of your app. It is advised to maintain a good balance between relevant content and timing to hook the target audience.


8. Allow customers to breath

App notifications help in promoting your app in an effective way. However, too many push notifications annoy the customers – compelling them to leave your app. Avoid spamming your customers with promotional emails, discount coupons, referral schemes etc. You should give your customers an opportunity to opt for the notification they would like to receive.




Try to experiment with different types of notifications and easy to read messages.  Ask them to check out new features of your app. If you want the customers to come back to your app, it is essential to maintain the quality of the app.



Mobile apps are the best way to promote your business. Bu, having a mobile app alone will not solve the purpose. Your mobile app should provide your valued customers with a top-notch platform. Unlock the potential of a mobile app for your business.


No matter how likable your app is, there will always be some complaints from the users. It is crucial to acknowledge the mistakes and work on the drawbacks.

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