Beacon: What Does It Mean For Retail Stores?

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From the past several years, along with all the excitement around e-commerce sphere, mobile has increasingly contributed towards the continued downfall of the brick-and-mortar sales, while the online shopping is constantly growing.

But, in so far as we would like to consider that in few years everything will turn as digital, it is crucial to comprehend that even in the U.S. where most of the retailers are omnichannel, 95% of retail businesses will still go on at the physical stores.

We observe a promising trend, a world where different offline and online shopping coexist instead of contending. If technologies and innovations to be held responsible for the online and offline division, it is now conveying the customers and retailers together like never before.

Today, the retailers have the amazing opportunity of exploring how technology can be leveraged for supplementing the offline shopping experiences, assisting customers discover products from retail, and develop the rich consumer experiences that get a feel for the changing consumer behavior and trend.
Welcome to the developing world of beacons. What exactly are Beacons? They are the small, battery-operated, and cost-effective wireless devices that incessantly pass on a straightforward low-energy Bluetooth signal stating:”Hi, this is me, here is my ID.” The available apps on smart phones can grasp these signals; execute different actions depending on the micro location, ID, time, proximity, and user’s perspective to offer rich appropriate and personalized experiences.


Beacon: What Does It Mean For Retail Stores?


1. Discover and connect: Locate the customers nearby, address them and direct them into your online store.

Consider the world where you could distinguish a potential client in the middle of the many individuals who stroll by your store; address them, make proper acquaintance and welcome them over to your store. Regardless of the possibility that your application is not running, beacons can awaken your applications.


2. Get engaged depending on the customer’s taste and preferences: Promote appropriate information on deals, products, and special offers.

In a world of digital marketing, how exactly can we fine -cast our brand’s messages to be more direct, precise, clear and efficient, so that we can satisfy our customers and don’t care about the ones who aren’t part of our target groups?
Interaction must be in coordination with the overall marketing strategy of the brand and must effortlessly combine to take benefit of the devices in immediacy, use known communications platforms to ensure that the customers are satisfied and comfortable, and are able to swing the focus ahead of the device to the messages.


3. Pleasant in-store experiences: Help consumers in getting particular items with in-store access.

Consumers go through the store to discover thousands of products, long walkways, the number of floors and less support staff. In this case, Beacons save energy, time, and resources by assisting customers get relevant and precise information quickly, deliver latest information based on the location as soon as the users walk around, notify on the products that are of higher interest, drive invention, ease and simplify checkout processes, and cut down the waiting lines with digital receipts and payments.


4. Handle insights: Find insights into customer behavior and feed them back into company’s CRM.

Discover footfall patterns, the amount of time spent, entry and exit data, visited locations, trends, repeat visits, heat maps, and history of purchases all in real time. Beacons assist in driving up customer engagement, improve efficiencies, develop loyalty solutions, and get actionable shopper insights.


5. Privacy, location services and no nuisance
The best part— Beacons themselves never gather any information or distribute any marketing messages to individual’s phone. Beacons broadcast an ID which the smartphone make use to recognize the context and location. So, effectively, beacons never trace you; instead, your phones trace a beacon.

The smartphone apps which use location should do a successful job in telling why and what they gather and have rules of deleting the history of an individual’s location. It is crucial to have the customer’s trust and own the apps delivering value for them to permit for the location services.

Beacons bring in a world of new potentials, and it is pretty natural that it’ll be broadly used and executed by different types of businesses, no matter big or small. A crucial thing to consider is that no one likes a nuisance, neither in the retail world nor online.

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