Custom build these great software tools in house or better outsource!

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Most entrepreneurs will tell you that off-the shelf; packaged software is sometimes not the right solution for all your business needs. Each business is different and needs a precise solution that can fit its needs accurately. Packaged software might just prove to be square pegs in round holes, if you have not done your research properly before buying this software. Many times, SOHO segment entrepreneurs have felt that writing, building or compiling the software themselves would save their business and help them grow faster rather than buying licensed software.


Custom build these great software tools in house or better outsource!


Here’s a preview of the tools that you can build in –house:

  • CRM: Must-have for sales team to track leads, archival of records for HR and report generation for logistics teams.
  • Social media monitoring tools to measure your clout and monitor every mention of your brand on social search sites.
  • Marketing automation that helps in maintaining large portals simultaneously and track lead generation without the use of third-party plug-ins.
  • Web traffic quality response team: Respond to high quality traffic instantly and build a strong rapport with decision-makers. Must have for growing businesses.
  • Identifying customers with an id can be tricky so a membership and gamification platform that records new sign ups and delivers customized content to them can engage audiences better.
  • No web based business is complete with a CMS and this is the easiest thing you can build with analytics thrown in.
  • Credit sales in areas where high value purchases are the norm definitely require an online layaway system that triggers a shipment as soon as order is paid off in full.
  • A daily dashboard that registers all incoming milestone payments, invoices and cash sales and displays them in easy to read colour coding is really useful.
  • Project management tools can be built in house, when large teams are collaborating from remote corners of the world on many projects. Knowing which project is where will help you schedule, allocate tasks easier.
  • If any software is critical for business, then building it internally will reduce the high fees being paid to software vendors. Analytics and tracking tools built on top of a CRM solution are best.
  • Internal sales CRM are best if you do not want to depend on anyone for a “salesforce” type solution.
  • A chrome extension that works best as a task management system, Google calendar rolled into one is what you need for a growing team.
  • This one is for publishers who desire organization while developing content for various publishers simultaneously. Knowing what went where is great for businesses working in the field of content.

Not everybody knows how to write great software but almost all of them can use it. The above tools are just an indication that you don’t need an A-team and sometimes technology can be built in –house for superior results. Great stories precede great software and this is something you will realize when you embrace software whole heartedly to add wings to your business. If you do not possess the skills or resources internally you can outsource the same and get the software build efficiently and competitively. микрокредит займ на карту без отказов круглосуточно деньги в займ красноярскэкспресс деньги займподать заявку на займ

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