Eight reasons to jump on HTML5 now

HTML 5 is the latest and modified edition of HTML [Hyper Text Markup Language] which is used to create and present the content on the internet. Since its emergence, the features of HTML 5 like cross compatibility, device support storage, browsing and SEO have been the most talked about thing. Let’s have a look on some of sparkling features of HTML 5.

Canvas: this version of HTML 5 is packed with an in-built canvas element which assists developers to manage and control the quality of images and graphics. It allows them to save time and effort as the developers does not need any third party plug-in.

Interactivity: HTML 5 allows the users to create even more interactive websites than before using the great animations and effects. This version of HTML supports the animations that are drawn from latest drawing tag feature. HTML 5 cuts the time required to create videos, animations and drawings through plug-ins. This version also includes a “drag and drop” feature which assists users while file handling.

Improved accessibility: with every new application, the first question that arises is its compatibility with existing applications and browsers. With HTML 5, this question is meaningless as it is comfortably accessible with all modern day browsers like IE, Mozilla, Opera and Google chrome. The PSD to HTML conversion has now become even more simple and understandable with enhanced quality of coding.

Responsiveness: HTML 5 can support both Standard and Doctype coding. Since it is compatible with all browsers, the coding does not require any update on any browser. HTML 5 is also easily accessible on iPad and iPhone.

Storage: the storage capacity of HTML 5 is better than its ancestor HTML. This version allows the user to store cookies and offline database and this feature has been the most admired one of the lots. The cookies stored in HTML 5 can be later opened with additional security and performance. This feature of HTML 5 ensures that there is no sort of data loss even when the user is offline

SEO: again talking about the compatibility, this newer version of HTML is super-compatible with most of the search engines. Earlier it was the case that SEOs had to work over time to make their websites search-engines friendly. HTML 5 has this SEO feature which automatically brings the website on the higher ranks.

Browsing Through Mobile: websites created using HTML 5, gives the user an easy access to most of

the existing mobile screens and browsers. HTML 5 allows the users to create such websites which can be seen on mobile screens without any customization. A feature called Meta-Tags has the facility to view port with fluctuated zoom and width, full-screen mode and other screen resolutions of smart phones and tabs.

Geo-location: this feature of HTML 5 allows you to share your location with websites you trust. This location is shared through JavaScript and positioning application of GPS is installed within which runs using networks like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and IP Address.

Other features of HTML 5 such as flowchart availability, better web sockets, e-mail inputs, placeholder, data caching and grouping from the client area gives users a whole new world of possibility. HTML 5 also involves in error handling system, smart graphics features and 2 dimensional games and supports several add-ons which enhance the quality of usability.

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