How artificial intelligence can take a mobile app to the next level?

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In a mad rush to conquer users, every app business is trying to offer the most engaging experience possible. Be it through marketing or with break-through innovations, app businesses are focused on making a mark in the life of their users. While an important contributor to the success of app businesses, marketing doesn’t guarantee a loyal convert. On the other hand, conveniences and interactive experiences introduced through innovations always steal the show with users. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such innovation that is redefining the way modern devices work. There is a reason why the artificial intelligence market is expected to grow to USD 190.61 Billion by 2025!


AI has given a new meaning to the process of human and machine interaction. By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. The science of AI tends to emulate human intelligence through learning, logic and self-correction. A device with AI tends to ‘learn’ by identifying behavioural patterns from its vast database, the same way as a human analyses stuff. AI then allows the device to predict the actions of a user based on the result of the analysis.


An app with AI stands out because it has unique capabilities of interacting with humans and interpreting relevant information for further use. AI is flexible enough to be implemented in every kind of device and system for any specific requirements. AI makes modern mobile apps a fun, interactive experience for the user and is fairly convenient to employ. Users are influenced by the personalised quality of virtual assistance in devices with the integration of AI in mobile apps.


As fancy as it sounds, the ‘AI revolution’ is not just for the big players. There was a vast number of innovations in the field of AI over the past few years. Thus even small businesses can now leverage the AI technology to offer a better UX to its users and improve their ROI. We at Promatics offer customised consultations and AI backed business solutions to suit all kind of mobile app businesses.


Types of Artificial Intelligence

Overall, there are three types of artificial intelligence that are used in mobile applications:


Weak – NAI (Narrow Artificial Intelligence)

Strong- AIG (Artificial General Intelligence) and ASI (Artificial Superintelligence).


The  AI Revolution in Mobile App User Experience

The penetration of AI technologies in the retail market will exceed 8 billion USD by 2024. As more and more users get used to context-aware computing and relish real-time responses, the demand for AI apps is set to increase further in the near future. Below is the list of engaging user experiences that AI has helped apps offer its users:


I. Face Detection

An important component ensuring safety in modern-day devices, the Face detection feature is an innovation that is a result of the use of AI. The feature allows a user’s face detection in digital images. Additionally, it also represents the digital image/video into multiple frames. Face detection in real-time helps surveillance and virtual monitoring for movement through devices. Mobile devices benefit from face detection by using it for unlocking a phone, securing confidential data and enhance picture clicking experience with improvements like smile shutter, adjusting the camera’s lenses in different light conditions, creating depth in an image, usage of various filters, etc.


II. Voice and Image Recognition

The vivid ability of AI empowered devices of automatically and accurately recognizing human speech is termed as Voice Recognition. Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) are widely popular among app developers nowadays. Users can now conduct searches on search engines not only by text but by using images and voice as well.


III. Automated Chatbots

Indulging users in extraordinary conversational experiences, Chatbots take the mobile app UX a notch up. Users can present multiple queries at the same time, and attain quality responses for all. Backed by AI, chatbots can solve problems, send personalised messages and improve interaction with users over time. They gather big data and offer an improved form of customer service. Additionally, Chatbot conversations are set to deliver $8 billion in cost savings by 2022.


Ways AI will transform user experience of mobile apps


IV. Landmark Detection

A unique convenience to the users, Landmark Detection allows one to locate particular points in a 2D image. AI helps a device differentiate between an artificial and natural structure, with Landmark detection.


V. Predictive Reply

True saviour for initiating apt communication and productive correspondence, Smart Reply feature of AI comes to rescue of a user regularly. While a normal mobile app may or may not understand the language of a user, smart reply capabilities allow the app to understand the communication between user and device and replies accordingly. AI uses the info from the current data sets to develop an understanding of the situation and predicts the end result.


VI. Predictive Analysis and personalization

Pitching for a loyal customer base? Make personalisation your friend! Predictive analysis thanks to AI helps devices learn a user’s behaviour patterns and make recommendations to suit his/her preference. Such personalisation adds to the overall UX of the app and helps the brand stand out among competitors.


Tips to Take Your Mobile App Experience to Next Level with AI


# Tip 1:  An intelligent user experience is the end result of well-integrated mobile app design and machine learning development. Make it a point to discuss elements like user experience, product vision, and business goals with the team, time and again. Only a team with shared concepts, good communication and a common language can achieve that goal. Host collaborative work environments for machine learning experts and user experience designers. Start with a blueprint of data pipelines and user interfaces that brings product planning to match the expected users’ reality.


# Tip 2: Focus vividly on the use case of the product you are working. This will help you fine tune the intricate details of the project like determining the user flow and overall experience.


4 Useful Tips to integrate AI with your mobile app


#Tip 3: It is crucial to take into account both qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative research methods like questionnaires, interviews, etc to measure how the users like experience your app provides. Many seemingly insignificant factors like the effectiveness of the feedback loop, prowess of data point capturing intention and user behaviour is important for creating a fruitful AI app experience for the users. Combination of both types of data helps us with such insights.


#Tip 4: Designing for AI requires caution and expertise.  Data collection, conversion and integration plays an important role in all AI driven apps. Always make it known to a user that their data is being used by AI. Giving them the option to alter the collected information such that it suits the context it is to be used to serve is important. Additionally, you can give them the option to change what the AI learns. This ensures that the AI generated predictions are exactly what the users desire.



The world is witnessing some magnificent conveniences that AI is bringing home to mobile apps, as you read this! Paired with Machine learning, AI is offering real-time on-device experiences that engage and help a user perform certain tasks in a convenient manner. Artificial Intelligence in of unique utility especially in cases where there is a need to process a large amount of data, humanly impossible to access. More and more new handset devices today come with special microprocessors that can be used for specific AI tasks. Brands today need to resort to AI to capture their customer base.


Intuitive user experiences are on the rise, thanks to AI technologies. Daunting popularity of technology has lead to the introduction of cost-effective AI integration in mobile apps. We are a leading mobile app development company working with AI technologies and learning all the while. We provide the best-in-class iOS and Android app solutions with AI integration, to help our clients. Feel free to write back to us for a consultation regarding AI integration in your mobile app.

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