How to get your app featured on Apple App Store and Google play?

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When you are at the final stage of app development and you are about to get it register in the app store. So finally the time com when you want to be noticed by others specially when it is business. Getting featured in to App store or Google play might be little tough task, due to competition in this area is increasing day by day.


Spending dollars on marketing and promotions and can do anything to grab customers attention. It’s all about from creating an app to promoting an app and getting it in app store or play store. There is no shortcuts to anything so help yourself and the best thing one can do is follow the right practices for getting entered into the pool of apps.


Different rules for iOS and Android. Getting into app store and google play both have their own patterns and rules which is needed to be followed. Let’s learn about the best practices which might increase your app’s chances to get featured in the App Store or Google Play.


App Store


First let’s consider App store and understand what is required to getting featured into it.


a.) Build a high quality app:- First thing to do is to keep it in mind that the app should be of high quality, which should be simple and useful. Error free app and proving out something outstanding following the apple guidelines which can surely get you into app store. Apple only want to highlight apps that show off how great the Mac and iOS platforms really are.


b.) Make it large & big:- Apple is more interested in finding apps with latest API’s and available for next OS release. This will give you invaluable insight into what you should be supporting in your app. iCloud is one of the key point, if there is a place for iCloud in your app then it is the best part. Make sure to keep apple’s new OS release in mind.


How to get your app featured on Apple App Store


c.) It should be Apple friendly:- Make it apple friendly, following apple design guidelines so as it get it in the eyes of apple. It should be available to all possible Apple devices(iphone, ipad, apple watch). It proves of building great iOS app. Apple is always in constant changing, working in new features and giving unique thing to the world, so why can’t we do the same using new technologies like 3D touch or pencil navigate all these can be of bonus.


d.) Target foreign locations too:- Only localizing it would give you limited success, so spreading it wide area like foreign locations would give huge audience with ease. So make it available to many countries, it can help you cover huge market.


And last to last it comes social media promotion which will be covered combining app store and google play market to understand better.


Google Play


Now let’s move to Google play and learn better to get it entitled in the app list.


a.) Make your mobile app Android OS friendly:- Getting it featured into Google play one needs to build such an android friendly app which is Google friendly too following the Google guidelines using the unique look and feel.


b.) Using latest technologies:- Google is more keen on supporting apps which integrate and help merge with their new products. Keep constant eye on Google to learn about its new features and products and try to implement it in your app. This can increase your chance to hit into Google play. There are many apps which can be a good example using new technologies combining with new OS too.


How to get your app featured on Google play


c.) Technical requirements:- There is a set of technical requirements which is must to meet. Following all the rules of Google play and understanding its basic need can help you take one step ahead. So consider every rule as a compulsion to getting into Google Play.


Let’s jump back to the point which we left to consider which is the most important and common for both the stores, that is social media marketing.


Social media promotion/Media coverage/App marketing

The most important and tough task to do is to promote your mobile app in the market whether it’s iOS or Android. All this can be done after the launch of the app. Post a press release or update an article about your app release including some promo videos or teasers which grabs user attention towards your app.


Few things like email signup form and social buttons on the page help you build n number of users following you and showing interest towards the app. Perfect timing is needed to announce your launch of app which can increase chances of people hearing about it. So go spread a word about your app and hit the success.



At the end, we conclude with the tips and tricks but although there is no magic formula to get featured in Google play or app store. But one should surely take risk and chances to enter into the app list. A well promoted and well designed app followed by their store guidelines can eventually be found in the list. Different factors matter and everything depends on the idea of the app making with the store. Quality app which is technically sound and uniquely shows off then one can think of getting into success. So no miracles or over night success is gained only hard work pays off.


Communicate well with market, engage people, well market research, latest technologies, efficient resources and an outstanding idea of an mobile application with passionate developers all this combined to take you to best outcomes. Go find all this and fulfill the checklist to start with. All the best and enjoy mobile app development.


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