How to Make a Pitch Deck That Will Impress Investors?

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The Age of Digitalization

Do you want to know how to get your app off the ground? Let me tell you, it isn’t simple, but it is well worth your time and effort.


The use of mobile apps has surged worldwide in the last decade. By the end of 2022, there will be roughly 3.5 billion Smartphone users in that year alone, an estimated 1.4 billion smartphones were sold worldwide.


We’re all aware that we live in a digital age when there’s an app for nearly everything, whether it’s a pharmacy, a shopping mall, a dating site, or anything else.


When the world changes, you must adapt as well. As a result, creating your App is significantly more lucrative than one may assume. People spend a lot of time on their phones. Thus everything must be available online. Your life will improve if you take a step toward digitization.

The Story of Perfect Pitch Deck

When developing an app, the first and most important step is to find investors interested in your idea and concept of the App. This could be more difficult than it appears. There is a lot of hard work to persuade an investor to invest in your App.


The good news is that venture capitalists might be interested in funding your App, and it’s an opportunity worth exploring. However, in order for people to consider your App, your pitch must blow their minds.


The most effective weapon you have to get your App off the ground is a strong pitch. Start-ups are known for being cash-strapped, and impressing investors with your app idea is difficult even if you have a lot of traction.


Creating a stunning pitch deck that properly captures the core of your idea is one method to attract the ideal investor for your business. A pitch deck is a visual representation of a tale. It introduces you and your App, displays marketability, and provides hard data.


The difference between earning millions in funding and waiting on the sidelines for months, knocking on doors, and attempting to gain traction can be as simple as developing a pitch deck that connects with investors.


How to Curate a Perfect Pitch for Your App?

A pitch deck is a short written presentation with your fundraising sales presentation. A strong pitch deck aims to put out the case for investing in your company clearly and simply (the investment opportunity). It’s a sales pitch, after all.


Fundraising isn’t as simple as many headlines and podcasts make it appear. To successfully fundraise for your mobile App, you’ll need to put in some effort and understand the fundraising process. First, you’ll need to understand how to find the ideal investors for your mobile App.


Some investors receive hundreds of pitches every week, so it’s up to you to make yours stand out. Obtaining an introduction to the investor from someone they know or trust is one approach to accomplish this.


Whether you’re a start-up founder, a business owner, or a “corporate entrepreneur,” your pitch deck is crucial; after all, it captures your logic for why people should invest in your idea and give you a large sum of money. Possibly millions.


Many factors contribute to a pitch’s ability to stand out in the eyes of investors and boost your chances of receiving funding. However, you must systematically address these elements to impact investors. We’ll coach you through the stages to make your pitch stand out and be the best it can be.


The Parent Test to Begin With!

The ideal strategy is to pitch your idea to your friends and family first, then to investors.


You can attempt this by presenting the idea to your sibling in 2 minutes, including the layout, strategy, and functioning, among other things.


Experiment with different ways with your friends and family to determine what works best. If you can’t sell your idea to your friends and family, it’s unlikely that investors will be interested. As a result, you’ll need to experiment with various techniques and styles until you find the right concept that your friends and family would appreciate.


This way, you’ll have enough practice and a polished approach to improve your chances of getting investors to fund your App. Keep in mind that a man becomes experienced via adequate practice.


The Steps to the Perfect Pitch

If you want your investors to be blown away by your app idea, make sure you follow all of these steps because your dream would stay a dream without funding. Hence, convincing is the key to a dream to come true.


I.) A concise summary

The most significant section of your pitch deck is the executive summary. This is where you present your concept and provides a high-level summary of what it is and what it does. This is the section that investors will read first, so make it brief and interesting.


You want to have a strong start to your presentation, which includes grabbing your audience’s attention. An excellent executive summary will pique their interest, causing them to pay attention for the rest of your presentation.


II. ) The goal of your App

Every mobile App serves a certain purpose, and your job is to demonstrate how your app solves that problem. It would be beneficial if you were convinced that you comprehend the problem and how your application will fix it.


You can achieve this by presenting statistics or data to back up your claim. This will assist investors in seeing why your App is needed and how it will benefit them.


III.) A picture of your target market

It’s critical to know who your App is for and what market it’s targeting. Investors want to know that you’ve done your homework and that your App is in high demand.


You can demonstrate this by sharing tales about how people are currently solving the problem that your App addresses or by offering demographic information about your target market. This will demonstrate to investors that there is a market for your software and that it has the potential to succeed.


IV.) Your application’s business model

Your App’s business model will determine whether it succeeds or fails. Investors are interested in learning how you plan to make money and profit from their investment.


This can be accomplished by describing the various revenue sources your App will employ or by providing information about your target market. This will assist investors in understanding the financial potential of your software and how investing in it will benefit them.


9 Steps to the perfect pitch deck



V.) The application’s functionality

Investors are interested in gaining knowledge more about your app and how it differs from others on the market. It’s crucial to be clear about your App’s features and functioning, as well as why they’re important.


You can achieve this by listing your App’s features or providing a video demonstration. This will give potential investors a clearer understanding of what your software can do and how it can help them.


VI.) The market strategy

As your go-to-market plan is important to your success, make sure you spell it out in your pitch deck. Investors are interested in learning how you intend to reach your target market and how you intend to advertise your software.


This can be accomplished by providing details about your marketing strategy or a breakdown of the expenditures associated with reaching your target market. This will aid investors in comprehending the likelihood of success and how they might profit from it.


VII.) The total cost of everything

Investors want to know how much money they’ll have to put into your App and how much money they’ll get back. You must specify the costs of app development and promotion and how you intend to recuperate those costs.


This can be accomplished by presenting information about your target market or breaking down the costs associated with producing and promoting your App. This will help investors comprehend your project’s financial viability and how they might benefit from it.


VIII.) A strong call to action

When you are concluding your pitch deck, a compelling call to action should entice investors to contact you for further information. This can be accomplished by including contact information or links to your website or social media accounts.


This will make investors feel more invested in your project and allow them to stay informed about its progress.


IX.) Mind-blowing content

As the design of your pitch deck is so important to your success, make sure it’s professional and eye-catching. Investors will assess your App based on the quality of your pitch deck, so build a strong first impression.


The content must be focused and simple since if it is too long or contains gibberish, investors will lose interest and attention, lowering your chances of receiving funding for your App.


The material must be flawless enough to blow your investors’ minds and leave them with no choice but to back your idea.


Win The Investors’ Trust

To grab investors’ attention, a great pitch must have an immediate hook, establish a vision, and clearly describe the goal of your App and the problem it solves.


It must answer the question “why now?” and persuade your audience that your product or service solves a problem that many people are willing to answer compellingly.


The greatest presentation decks include traction data or some other type of hook to pique investors’ curiosity. If you want them to reply or forward it to their friends, you must offer them a cause.


One of the most important things to bear in mind is that the investors you’re pitching your idea to should have a good idea. They should be aware of its significance and the problem it answers; otherwise, they will be uninterested, and you will lose your fundraising opportunity.


When pitching a potential investor, the “fear of losing out” on a wonderful investment opportunity should be a strong motivator once you’ve established credibility. The opportunity pique the interest of a possible investor by pointing out competitors who have already entered the industry. The use of existing investor branding demonstrates the diversity of activity in the region.


Last but not least, demonstrate to your investors how your App will benefit the world. This would be a standout feature that would undoubtedly win investors’ trust.


Demonstrate how the investment will improve access to services and products that millions of people require. Explain how the companies in which your fund invests provide these services. Do follow these suggestions and we are sure the investors will not turn you down.

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