How to make your business ready for mobile first world?

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Mobile devices are disrupting the way people engage with companies. Today, everything can be done easily using smartphones without leaving the comfort of home and office. Whether it is doing office tasks or shopping, everything is accessible on small screens. The change is so drastic that companies need to focus more on future-proofing their business.


In a survey it was found that more than 75% of Americans use mobile devices to interact with a brand. 68% of the reputed brands integrated mobile marketing into the overall marketing strategy of their company. It is found that mobile marketing generates more return on the investment, compared to traditional platform. According to Google, 60% of users are likely to return to the mobile site and 40% users visit the competitor’s site.


Based on the above data, we can say that mobile marketing plays a very important role in developing your business, and you should do everything to optimize your website for mobile.


Now, the question is how to make your business ready for mobile first world?


Mobile browsing can be tricky and it restricts the sites that are not designed specifically for it. Lack of functionality and features can distract the users and more than 40% of users may abandon the website. A non-optimized mobile site is no more an option.


Having a separate website does not make much sense for majority of business, especially when it comes to small screen devices. Your customers aren’t going to use your app or visit our website, if you don’t have a mobile friendly website.


The moment Google announced mobile-first index, there has been lot of theorizing and confusion. Earlier, Google used to index the websites based on desktop experience. Now, Google will begin to index and rank your site based on the content on your mobile experience.


If you want to make your business ready for mobile first world, you need to build a new version of your website. You will have to set up service worker, which creates a cached version of your site to access online or offline. When someone wants to access your website, they will be able to access it even if there is no signal.


The mobile presence can boost the visibility of your site, as it helps your business reach target audience at right time. Here are a few steps to make your business ready for mobile first world.


  • Find target customers

You should direct your mobile strategy to ideal customer base by taking time to think about how they make purchasing decisions and what they need to know about your business. You can optimize our site based on the information provided by your customer. Different people rely on a variety of content and information. You can try using blog posts in the website that inform existing customers as well as bring new customers.


If you are running an e-commerce site, allow searchers to compare similar products and see what they can get for their money. More than 40% of the customers never buy a product without comparing with other products. Product reviews from other customers are important, as 90% of customers check reviews before buying.


  • Build a mobile app

A lot of businesses have apps these days. Building own app can be an ideal way to create ongoing relationship with your customers. Create an app and give you users the ability to instantly access a customer fleet of services. Mobile apps can provide a lot of benefits to your business. Whether it is retaining existing customers or making new customers, business owners will get a new opportunity to expand their products and services.


Developing a right app for your business depends on where you want your business to go. With a clear objective and right team — you can bring your business to mobile and achieve long term growth. Many businesses enlist off-shore mobile app development because of its affordability. Go with a business that has experience in developing the type of app you have envisioned.


Four basic ways to make your business adaptable to mobile first world - Promatics Technologies


  • Optimize your website for mobile

Having a website is no longer enough to attract customers. Your website should be optimized for mobiles, as a huge portion of traffic comes from smartphones. A lot of people look for places to eat, shop, visit etc directly from their mobile devices. If you haven’t updated your website for past few years, it will be hard for users to read the content. As a result of which they may go elsewhere.


Optimizing our website for mobile plays an important role in driving huge traffic to your website. You can reach potential clients by having a mobile friendly website. Make sure that the primary content is on mobile site to make it responsive. Not having a mobile responsive site will risk a negative impact, regardless of Google’s guidelines.


Don’t slow down the documentation load time with large images, as it takes your customers away from the site. A mobile optimization strategy is very essential for a business. You can give your customers a great mobile experience by keeping the image size down, using a static website, sticking to a single topic and keeping the page concise.


  • Try Omni-channel marketing

You will have a wide range of options to choose from, once you optimize your website for mobile. You will get an opportunity to promote your business through a variety of channels and reach potential customers. Create templates that are good for mobile as well as desktop, making your small business accessible via mobile. Customers are more satisfied with mobile experience than desktop experience.


When you are switching your business to mobile first world, make sure not to ignore product documentation. Though more than 70% of users expect mobile first go, they will need to access documentation on the go. Make the content as easy as possible for the customers to read product information on their phones.


Coherent and responsive communications along with social channels and online platforms are essential for the success of any business in coming future.



It is understandable that many businesses may not have entered mobile first world. However, companies that have already adopted mobile first approach are reaping the rewards. It’s time to make your site mobile friendly.  If you don’t take the role of mobile seriously, your brand is under threat. A mobile responsive website is a must have thing to improve online visibility.


Be prepared to make the shift to mobile first world to ensure that your site is not only optimized for mobile, but is ready to be searched by Google bot.


Let us know in the comment section below, if you are doing anything else to make your business ready for mobile first world.

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