How To Measure Your Social Media ROI?

The changed business scenario has transformed the attitude of the buyers of products and services. Instead of trusting solely on the brand or company, they prefer to take buying decisions based on third party sources. Thus, Word of Mouth (WoM) created through the Electronic Media Marketing has given rise to the concept of Social Media Marketing. It denotes business efforts for creating content that draws attention of web traffickers and encourage them to share the same across their social networks, instant messages and news feeds about a product, service, company, brand or event.


How to measure your social media ROI?


The users of social networking can re-tweet or re-post their comments made by other users of a particular product or service. With the repetition of the message the WoM reaches to more users, thus inviting more traffic to the company offering products or services. Social Media Marketing facilitates interaction of companies with prospective individual customers. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and MySpace are a few of the social media that could be availed for this purpose.


Mobile apps and social media are closely interlinked and contribute immensely towards social marketing of your products and services. You can download any or all of the following mobile social media apps:


  • Tweetbot manages effectively on your iPhone or iPad
  • Glyder simplifies the social media marketing and is particularly suitable for small businesses that are not sure about their contents or images
  • Downcast synchronizes you with the latest podcast
  • Feedly facilitates reading of blog posts when you are out
  • Mention facilitates viewing of our brand name


Web Development signifies the development of the web site for the Internet or World Wide Web
(www). It includes web design, web server, network security, development of web contents, liaison of clients, configuration, development of e-commerce, scripting of server side and client side. In short, it is a Content Management System (CMS) that works as intermediary software that links user and the database through the browser. It enables non-technical people for making changes to their website.


Hundreds of web developers may work for large organizations and smaller ones hire single developer, graphic designer, or information systems technicians.


Any long-term financial investment is evaluated by calculating the Return on Investment or ROI, which signifies whether or not the investment has been successful in yielding the desired result. Social Media Marketing is adopted for increasing traffic to your website that ultimately leads to the desired marketing of products or services. ROI on social media is important to assess if the efforts put has been successful in yielding the desired result. The following are the main challenges to measure ROI:


  • Changes in algorithms
  • Implementation of the new tools which hit the marketplace
  • Providing evidences to your clients to optimize their ROI


Before measuring your ROI, you must determine your goals for knowing the particular factors you are targeting. You can measure ROI through the following:


  • Number of customers acquired
  • Number of leads generated
  • Number of Clicks
  • The Amount of revenue generated
  • Contest entries


With the above factors associated with social media marketing, it has become more of the arts than science.

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