How Your Website Can Generate More Leads and Sales?

Why does one need a website?


Different enterprises have different requirements and goals. Some may need a personal website while others may be in need of a commercial website, a government website or a non-profit organization website. Websites are typically dedicated to a specific topic or purpose. But in most cases the ulterior aim of any website is to generate more revenue and growth in its web presence.


Here are a few tricks to increase your leads, revenue and sales without investing heavily on the design and rebuilding of your existing website.



    1. Carry out Conversion Audits : There are various tools in the market that help enterprises carry out conversion audits. A few tools are Google Analytics Content Reports, Open Site Explorer, and Online XML Sitemap Generator etc. The reason behind conducting audits is to identify the problem areas. We can get great insight and a detailed analysis on your web site performance in terms of the search functionality, number of internal/external links, social media and any other information related to your web site’s existing state. It is important to audit websites on a regular basis due to the dynamic nature of the SEO industry and to make sure that websites are up-to date with the latest updates.


    2. Call tracking : Use call tracking to determine what sources produced the most phone calls. Phone calls are most likely considered as a valuable Lead. Customers find it easier to just pick the phone and call instead of filling up a form because they expect live and instant assistance for their problems. The advantage with call tracking systems is that all the calls will be tracked automatically. This helps in finding out if lead quality or any other factor needs to be addressed.


    3. Track Online behaviour of Visitors: To check the online behaviour of your visitors the market has ample tools to offer for example the crazyegg tool helps you visualise your visitors’ clicks and the source that is responsible for producing it. This information gives an insight into the strong data regions. You can then strategize and decide to give some great offers on your website to convert more traffic.


    4. Google Analytics to Analyze Data: If you get to know what exactly is happening prior to conversion it becomes easier to implement changes so as to attract more traffic to your website. If you get to know that your visitors are interested in the blogs before conversion you can take advantage of tools like Taboola that help publishers monetize their content and drive higher engagement by targeting the right audience at scale.


    5. Live Chat: This is one of the most convenient ways to reach customers and solve any issues that they may encounter. It is convenient because they can access it via websites as well as their personal mobile phones. It provides instant access and solution to their issues. Moreover they can multi-task, and follow instructions simultaneously to resolve problems. It is a low cost option that gives an edge over the competition. There is a long list of chat software that could be used viz. Kayako, Live Person, Livezilla etc.


    6. Exit Pop Up offers: You should use strategies to retain or engage your customer on your webpage. Try the Popup exit that tempts the customers just before closing the website and help in increasing conversion rates. Over time this exit capture may help you to drastically improve your overall return on investment.


    7. Testimonials for better credibility: Adding valid testimonials can boost the sales. Visitors trust other customers and industry partners that provide their personal experiences and testimonials. It gives them an idea of what to expect. Testimonials have a high regard when they come from notable market leaders, partners and number of visitors.


    8. Landing Page Versions: Minor changes can improve conversion rates. Experiments have proved that a change as simple as the colour of your action button can generate drastic improvements. You can try tools like Unbounce that help to create different versions of landing pages by which you can determine which options have the most influence on visitors to turn them into buyers.


    9. Simple Flat fonts work magic: Simple fonts make web pages look neat and tidy. Another reason is simpler the font the better its display on multiple devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets etc. Simple fonts are appealing and appear clearer and uncluttered on multiple devices.


    10. Videos for better delivery of message: A high quality video educating your visitors about your services and products will have a great impact on their understanding and will help in boosting the conversion rates. The video should be crisp and to the point that will catch the attention and engage the visitors and ultimately convert them into buyers.



When considering lead generation, ask the million dollar question “What is the meaning of Lead to you?” Once you know what you want to achieve its better and easier to adjust conversion goals and fine-tune them accordingly. The market offers plenty of tools that help with driving conversion rates. Choose the right tools and get ahead in the race.

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