Make Sure You Do Not Commit These App Design Mistakes

Mobile app developers have a constant appetite for app creation. There is a cornucopia of applications for smartphone users circulating in the web world. Most of the apps are such that they are not at all downloaded. And if they are downloaded most of them are deleted without getting used for some days. Following are some tips to avoid making such disastrous apps for Android and iOS platform:

Migrating through different platforms without redesigning new OS
Porting becomes a major issue during app development. In an iOS gadget there is only one home button that also acts as the return button. But in an Android gadget there are different buttons for return, exit or home. An app should be compatible with both these platforms. However, an additional back button must be inserted while one works in iOS background, whereas while working on Android platform the space must not be taken by the back button of the app. This thing must be optimized very carefully in order to have smooth usability.

No place for default values
Having Defaults is an extremely user-friendly approach when it comes to application development. It speeds up browsing, directs novice handlers to a safer outcome and even teaches with the help of example. When a person does not have any particular or a sure-shot preference, it helps her/him to make a generalized choice, without getting confused.

Discerning through Web UX Prism
App creators often overlook the fact that designing apps for mobile phones are different from desktop apps. Expectations of people change with the change in gadget usage during app handling. Minute details have to be kept in mind in order to make an application successful. The sizes of the screen, surface area of a fingertip to push the buttons, availability in different platforms are some crucial things to be kept in mind while designing them.

Confusing Interface
Customers easily get irritated when an app becomes confusing and complex to use. It so happens that they think that they might revisit later and solve the problem. But at the end of the day it results in deletion. Using popular icons, having large tap buttons and easy links help steer away confusions to a large extent.

Poor responsiveness
There is a high tendency of users expecting immediate response to an action. Multitasking is something that is quite common among today’s tech-driven people. Unnecessary lag or confusion about the action of any app makes them disengaged from the app, diverting their mind. Running the apps have to be smooth so that users can return to it with satisfaction of using it.

Usability principles, smooth functioning are the basis of working with every smart gadget. Thinking oneself as the target user gives inputs on how to make them perfect. By following these simple ideas App designers can create long lasting and popular application.

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