Six ways to market your small business app to your target audience

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Mobile apps are very effective as they target large group of audience. If you have thought of building a mobile app, you should start developing a marketing plan along with mobile app development.


With millions of apps on Apple and Google play store, it is hard to build an app that stay on the top of app charts. Nearly 1,000 apps are submitted every day and hence, the competition is stiff. If you want to make sure your app pays off, you should have a strong marketing plan.


No doubt, mobile apps can provide an added advantage to company’s ability to engage clients and facilitate positive customer experience. Businesses of all sizes can get befitted from mobile apps and related technologies.


A business that invests in adding an app to their database is making a commitment to generate greater revenue. However, an app doesn’t become successful overnight. You need thousands of app downloads to be successful.It requires promotion and marketing to turn into an asset to your business.


There are a number of ways to gain user attention. Promoting the app is one of the best ways to attract large group of audience and get downloads. Your customers should know more about your business and be able to find you easily.


Here are some proven and effective ways to market your small business app and gain user attention. Make an early dent with your mobile marketing plan and reap the benefits of having an app for your small business.


1. Build online presence of your app

Design the app icon and overall branding theme for your app to build online presence. There are a number of online tools that offer low cost icon designing plans and customizable templates to help you create a well-designed landing page to announce your app.


Social channels are the best ways to enhance online visibility and become popular in short span of time. Provide relevant links on your social media page to download your app, once it is released. Experts recommend using social media platforms where you can target audience hangouts and maintain a high level of engagement with targeted audience. You can actually reach the people who are likely to download your app.


2. Pre-launch marketing

Start your marketing campaign before you launch the app. You should know who your potential customers are and why they want to download your app. Early marketing helps in creating a buzz among people who are interested in your app. Do not leave even a single opportunity to interact with potential customers ahead of app launch.

You can organize online and offline events as a part of your marketing campaign. There are several ways of doing pre-launch app marketing, some of which are – writing a blog, releasing a teaser, publishing a press release and so on. Make sure to choose a unique and innovative way to promote your app before its launch. This can make a lot of difference and take your marketing campaign to a different level.


3. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and effective ways to reach millions of people. It would make sense to include details of your app. Having a creative email marketing strategy to reach out potential customers to introduce your app will grab the attention of thousands of people. You can provide an introductory price or offer incentives for downloading the app within a certain time frame.

Make sure to use mobile friendly templates, as more than 60% of users check emails on smartphones. You can track the stats to analyze data and segment your list for A/B testing. To increase downloads in long run; retarget the users (who don’t happen to download your app) from your initial email blast. In short, you can promote your small business app effectively through email marketing.


Six ways to market your small business app to your target audience


4. Mobile advertising

You should consider mobile advertising for your mobile app. You can out ads on the mobile devices, if you are using PPC advertising. Google offers mobile ads to the people when searching on the mobile devices, while Google advertisements are displayed when they are on websites.


If you are simply targeting smartphone users, QR codes are the best way to advertise. All you need to do is add them to your website, business card, mailing list and brochures — as a part of your mobile advertising strategy.


5. Video marketing

Treat your app like a traditional product launch and advertise it on TV and internet. It is not uncommon to see app advertisements on TV and internet.


The experts of digital marketing believe that promotional videos are very effective. Provide users with a quick tour of your app and share a glance of user experience your app is designed to provide.  Video marketing is the current trend in tech world and you should try it for promoting your small business app.


6. App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the SEO of mobile app industry. In an oversaturated market, it is must for the app to be discovered easily. You can attain ASO by paying attention to the name of app, keywords, description, ratings, screen shots and videos.


Optimize your app for app search, so that people can find it easily without much effort. Having positive app ratings will attract thousands of people. Similarly, app description plays an important role in driving huge traffic. Make sure that the app description articulates your app value clearly. If you have any industry specific influencers whom you can connect your app with, you can ask them to promote your app.



The above said methods are the some of the best ways to market your app. Remember to attract quality users, as it is much important than quantity of app users. Make sure that you understand the target audience and craft the marketing strategies accordingly.


Read the reviews on app store and pay attention to common complaints. Listen to the feedback of users closely during the first stage of app release.Keep the communication channels open so that you can continue revising the app from time to time.


Mobile app marketing is like any other process that needs precision in execution. Track the performance of your app on a regular basis and implement marketing strategies that work for you.

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