The best ways to get feedback on your Mobile App

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Creating a mobile app usually takes lot of time and success is never guaranteed. Even with lot of money and time invested, app developers can fail to build a successful mobile app and the most common reason is that developers fail to understand what their customer want in the app.

The success of mobile app or any consumer oriented product depends on its customers. It is always a good idea to build a mobile app that customers want along with continuous improvement and fixes. So how to know that what your customers exactly want? What improvements need to be done? The answer is feedback.

The feedback from your customers will help you to come up with a mobile app that will get success in market. There are several tools and ways you can use for feedback inside your mobile app. It is always recommended to integrate easily accessible feedback functionality in your mobile app that customers may find easy to use anytime they want.


You can use below ways to get feedback for your mobile application:



Pop-ups are usually meant to boost the rating of a mobile application. You can embed a pop-up, which will prompt users to rate the mobile app. But users can get irritated from this, because every time they open the app, they have to face the pop-up asking them to rate the app. This can result in poor rating and negative reviews.


The best ways to get feedback on your Mobile App



You can ask user to participate in a survey in which they can give their feedback on your application. Surveys are generally a good way to get an idea about what all things need to be improved in your mobile application. Surveys can be integrated within the mobile app, or even third party vendors provide such services.


The best ways to get feedback on your Mobile App


Instant Messaging

You can integrate Instant Messaging in your mobile help, with the help of which users can directly reach out to developers for any bug they are facing so that it can be fixed as soon as possible. Users usually find Instant Messaging services for a mobile app, very helpful as they can directly contact developers of the app and get their problem resolved either in real time or at the earliest. Instant Messaging app can also be integrated using third party SDK.


The best ways to get feedback on your Mobile App


Why feedback is important?

It is challenging to know what your customers exactly want in mobile app. The only way to know their view is by listening to them.

It’s your customer, who will tell you what all should be there in your mobile app and what issue they are facing while using the app. Companies that do not interact with customers usually makes random guess for the changes that need to be done in mobile app, which sometime goes negative.

Feedback from customers is a roadmap for your product, figuring out what changes needs to be done. You may receive ample number of feedback and suggestions from customers. It’s upon you to figure out which feature is most important to be integrated in your mobile app, among the number of feedbacks received from customers.

Apart from getting your mobile app enhanced from customer reviews, asking feedback from customer also foster relationship between you and your customer. When customer feels that their feedback has been taken on a serious note and the respective changes has been made, they might get more attached to your mobile app.


The best ways to get feedback on your Mobile App


When should you ask for app review?

It is highly recommended that if you ask for review directly, you should do it only once, because it’s ridiculous to ask user to review and rate your mobile app again and again. No customer should be asked to rate your app twice.

Since, you have only once chance to get your app rated by an individual customer so you should wait for the right time. The main aim should be not only to get a feedback or rating but it should be positive also, which can help your mobile app get good reviews and ratings on app store or play store.

  • It is best to ask a customer to review or rate your mobile app, when he/she has successfully accomplished the task for which he/she has downloaded your app. Or,
  • The customer has become loyal to your mobile app. You can find this by tracking the number of sessions he/she has conducted during a specific period of time.

When you take care of your customer, they will take care of you. Interacting with them through feedback is the best way to improve your business mobile application.

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