The Do’s and Don’ts of website designing

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The present era is witnessing the best of innovation and technology. Indeed, the number of users employing smart phones and those utilizing internet on a day to day basis is enhancing. The graph is all time high. Hence, it is not a surprise that more and more business person, entrepreneur and marketing heads are emphasizing on the need of a well developed website. The fact that it enhances the reach ability and accessibility is the cherry on the cake.

However, simply understanding the fact that you need a good website, does not make sure that you have one too. There are some really imperative Do’s and Don’ts which make the foundation stone of a tech product. In order to aid you in the process of fabricating the perfect website, here are some tips summarized for you:-


The Do’s and Don’ts of website designing


  1. Do not overdo it– well; you would definitely want your website to look good. You want users and visitors to spend more time in there. But, that does not imply that you stuff up your website with fancy design elements, making it all flashy. The designing needs to be providing solution to a problem. There is a requirement of the design which fulfills the needs. So, it has to have the design elements, but not to the expense of undermining the usability.
  2. User experience– what was the major acumen you made or are in the course of making the website? It is so that users or the visitors have ease of execution, which in turn will result in more success. However, there have been instances when the user is utterly confused with the design. This is simply not done. You need to keep it simple, keep it straight forward and keep it nice!
  3. Meet the need of user– the website which you are planning to fabricate requires to be met with the need of the user. Designing is not just about logo, colors, background. There is much more to it. In fact, make sure that it loads fast. There is a need to portray the apt content. And most imperative it should be accessible.
  4. Interesting designs– the very first impression of your tech product is its design. Hence, other than taking care of all the do’s and Don’ts, it is imperative that the design is interesting. It has to be come-at-able. Before users start navigating the website, they need to be attracted to click on it. There is also the need for the visitors to remember their selection and come back again and again. This is possible with interesting and well designed elements.
  5. Take care of the intent– There is a need to give emphasis on the intent of the project, the vision of the designers and the need of the audience. It is on these pillars that a well designed tech product is achieved. When these aspects are taken care of, the result is a user friendly, welcoming and perfect tech product.
  6. Inculcate these principal elements– the objective of a tech product should be to provide with a streamlining experience for users. The design patterns and system  should be based on clarity, relevance, framework and convenience. With these indispensable pointers in mind, the users will be able to have a better, comprehensive and likeable experience withyour tech product. And, this is exactly which will attract them to revisit.
  7. Make the user experience delight– the design of your tech product needs to delight the user. In order to achieve it you need to systematize the content into relevant groupings. There is required simple navigation. You would not want to confuse your users. The search needs to be easier. And most significant the text and the font should be readable. With the simple rules it will be a hassle free task to engage the users and visitors to your tech product. They would love to spend time on your website.
  8. Brand design– first and foremost, you need to be really clear with the idea you are trying to sell. It may be an app or a product, the idea behind it needs to be decent if not mind boggling. In order to make sure that your idea strikes the right chord, it has to be comfortable and reflect high usability. And, when you have achieved the usability quotient, concentrate on brand design. It is the brand design which can ensure that your tech product allures the customers. In order to acknowledge you about the same, brand design is the field which is much more than fancy colors, fonts and apt content. It is, in fact, the right flavor of uniqueness which does the needful.
  9. Innovation is the key– if you are selling an innovative idea, even a simple design can do miracle. However, if the idea already has competitors, an innovative design is the need. After all, there has to be something engaging about your tech product which will attract the user traffic. Hence, make sure to inculcate it.
  10. Interactive design– a good design of the tech product should be able to provide atonement and fulfillment to the user when he or she is employing the service. However, if the design obliterates to fulfill the criteria, it will be of no use even if it has the apt essence of innovation and fancy features.

With a clear understanding of do’s and don’ts you are surely on the path of a successful tech product.

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