The importance of app landing page and why you cannot afford to ignore it?

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Significance of app landing pages is one of the important topics in app development and marketing. Many mobile marketers are yet to realize the importance and full potential of app landing page. An app landing page is so important that you can create one before even writing the app code. The importance of app landing page evolves in itself from the concept of post-launch. It is very powerful even before the product is launched in the market.


Before we go through the importance of app landing page, let’s know what app landing pages are?


An app landing page is a webpage that consumer lands on when he/she clicks on your app. To increase the curiosity of the user, what you present on app landing pages matter a lot. Every landing page should have a few things, namely clear picture of your app, recognizable features and a call-to-action. This enables the user to navigate through your app with ease.

Having worked on a variety of mobile apps, we have collated a few points for your perusal. App landing page plays a very important role during pre-launch as well as while the app is ‘Live’.

Go through the below points to know why app landing page is so important and why you should not ignore it.


Create a buzz for your app prior to the launch

App landing page has a great promotional power and can market your app even before it is launched. This allows app developers to create a buzz about the app and grabs the attention of large group. The concept of app may catch the interest of several people including – app lovers, developer, experts of the industry and other investors. You can bring out the best by having a pre-launch app landing page.


You can provide a newsletter signup that provides regular updates about your app, sneak peek videos and other details. You can use app landing page to tell story behind the app or the inspiration of your app. You can even tell the user how your app is going to change their life.


With the help of landing page, you can engage the users long before the app is launched. You can give them a sneak into the app interface and features from time to time. App landing page helps you build a user base on different social media platforms. Additionally, you can create the much required thrill for the app and at the same time have feedback to improve your app.


The most interest part about pre-launch app lading page is that you can interact with the users and let them know the way you built the app. Keep in mind to share the story as a “thriller’. Don’t sound robotic while sharing the information, as it may kill the interest of the reader.


App landing page for post-launch

Once your app goes live, you need to provide complete details about the app such as it’s pricing, features, videos, FAQs, etc to download the app. You can even add more information on the landing page such as – testimonials, press reviews, quick links etc. A good landing page is a great way to drive traffic to your app and build your brand.


The users might depend on Google search when they look for any app. Your website should not act as an extension of your app. Avoid stuffing keywords in your website. Instead, make it informative and provide updated information. You can make use of SEO techniques to drive traffic to your site, and redirect to app store. There are several tools that help you track the traffic and redirect to the app store.


Live support is one of the essential factors for the success of any app. You can help the user clarify their doubts through live support. It takes a lot of time to turn the app buyers into app users. You can have an automated chat system and you can avail human-like services without employing an executive.


App landing page will help you answer the questions even before they are asked. You can add probable doubts you believe your visitors might have and answer them subsequently. By adding FAQs on the app landing page, you can build the trust factor and at the same time resolve their queries.


All the above elements not only contribute to apps discoverability, but can engage prospective users into talking about your app. An app landing page is one of the best ways to gear up your app for success.


Tips to help you build better landing page

The landing page of your app is the first interaction of users with the mobile app, and hence it should create a better first impression in front of the users. Here are some effective tips to build a better landing page.


a.) Share the logo and name of the app clearly with perfect color metrics. The visitor should know who you are, in the first very visit.

b.) Keep the title short enough to narrate the app. You can use your creative skills to the best of standard to attract readers.

c.) Use clear call-to-actions that are easily accessible. If you have already launched the app, give your visitors a chance to download it. If you fail to make the CTA better, there is no use of creating a good app landing page.

d.) Adding video to app landing page can be of great help. You can give users a better tour of the app, benefits, features etc.

e.) Share the details briefly in the app landing page, rather than showing your writing skills. Users may not have enough time and patience to learn the entire process. Keep the features and other details to the point.


Tips to build you better App Landing Page


App landing page is just a holistic approach. Users struggle to discover your app without landing page. Moreover, they won’t have any option to share your app with their own network. It is easy for the app to get lost in overcrowded app stores.  Without proper marketing, your app could be lost without any competition. App landing page is an important part of app marketing strategy that could probably drive target users who install and use your app.


By creating a perfect app landing page, you can attract potential users to your app and entice them to download it.

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