The key ingredients in building successful on demand apps

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You have been harboring dreams to own an on demand app start up. What are the major ingredients that an entrepreneur and founders should have for their on demand appreneurial journey? In business, entrepreneurship and marketing, there are no boundaries. You have to keep on surprising your audience and the visitors with something novel and interesting.

An increasing number of individuals are utilizing smart phones. And, more and more people are downloading apps. Hence, if your website, product or service is associated with an app you can easily attract more visitors and customers. Whether it is the food delivery, the need for a cab, home delivery of medicines, doctor on call, plumbing service, beauty treatments, apparels, and footwear, there is an app available for each of these. The apps have indeed made life easier.


The key ingredients in building successful on demand apps


What kind of on demand app you should pursue?

As an entrepreneur or business person, it is the app which will enable more and more people associate with your service with ease. In the present hustle bustle of life wherein most of the instances both the partners are working, there are children at home, there are small families, there are old people at home, implies the need of external help. With the on-demand app service it is like availing everything on the doorstep. It is associated with peace of mind and comfort.

The main purpose of on demand apps is to make your users’ life easy. It aims to make a service available as and when they demand it. Hence your idea should be addressing the pain points of such a service or product. Something you can expect to reach every household in a hassle free manner. Simply, understanding the need of the app won’t carve the niche for a successful appreneurial journey. In order to aid you with the specific tips, the imperative don’ts and the interesting recommendations, here is a list of the pillars on which you can build your on demand apps:-


1. Exploring the specific acumen – has a look at the play store! Thousands of apps are in there, free as well as paid. And now look at your Smartphone. Which are the apps that you have downloaded? Most of the apps which you must have downloaded are the ones which are associated with some specific acumen. So, there is the food delivery, the cab service or the portal for apparels. These are the apps which are not seasonal. They are associated with acumen which you can need anytime. This is the thumb rule. Hence, when you are developing an on demand app, this needs to be taken care of.


2. Convenience is the propeller – convenience is the propeller for any on demand app. This term is way comprehensive. It inculcates decision making ability, access to a particular service, payment modes, advantageous transactions and benefit post the service. If your app is able to associate with these, it is bound to ace the list. In order to make sure that your app tops in the convenience paradigm, you need to take care of some specific features. So, the first one is the ability to live track, the second rule involves ease of payment and the third is the ratings and reviews. With live tracking, the customer is able to feel some sort of control on the transaction. It makes him or her feel confident about the service. You can assure the same with the GPS tracker which is real time. The transaction needs to be hassle free. Period. After all, monetary requirement is of significance. Hence, do not obliterate this imperative aspect. Then, your app needs to continually show the clients’ latest ratings. It is almost indispensable for a customer or a client to have a look at these. With positive ratings they feel comfortable to book your service or purchase the product. Go ahead, provide the clients with the required convenience and bask in the perks.


3. Suppliers – before you are on the track to build your consumer base; you need to be double assured of the best of the suppliers. Whether it is a particular service you are providing or a product you are selling, the individuals you need to hire, train and make the best is of immense significance. It is these suppliers which are your first hand impression to the customers. If an individual calls for a beauty service, and gets a well competent, well learned and courteous beautician, she or he will recommend to others and at the same time want to come back to you again and again. Even if you have the app sorted out in the best possible way, it is the supplier which needs to be nothing short of excellent. They are the backbone of the business. Hence, hire the best and once you have them, offer them the incentive which keeps them glued to your business. They work well, you grow, and your business grows. In the same course it is significant that they are well aware of the ground rules of your business pertaining to cancellation of a service or other norms.


4. Matching – when you have a new customer you have to be really particular with the supplier which is going to provide him or her with a service. Manually it will be really tedious to match the customer request with a particular supplier or service provider. Hence, there are two methods which can be put into the course:-

  • Automatic matching – for the application of Automatic matching you are required to fabricate the application code, wherein the logic to assign service provider is there.
  • Manual matching – for the purpose of manual matching the app administrator pursues the process, wherein it is their responsibility to assign the customer to a service provider. It is the manual matching which works for small business houses. However, if you have a large business, the automatic matching is recommended. Yet again, when you are here for matching purposes, some advices and recommendations have been summarized.


5. Building course on the locals first – do not jump directly to initiate being the national provider. In fact, do some reality check with local service. It will enable you to understand what might go inapt. At the same time, it will aid you in building your reputation. You can learn from your mistake, without making it a burden on yourself forever.


6. Make trust – you need to build trust. Whether you are providing some commodity or a service you have to make sure to take all the measures which build your trust. For the same you can easily take aid of technology. With the amalgamation of trust and the latest technology sky is the limit for your business.


7. Managing the suppliers – this is again of immense significance. You need to manage your suppliers. You can pursue the process through carefully appreciating or rewarding good suppliers and discarding bad service providers. This is a slow but important process that will help you build a great suppliers group.

So, go ahead, get that on demand app built. Do make sure to inculcate the golden rules stated above. These are the imperative backbones, foundation stones and pillars for your successful journey of on demand apps. With some research you will be able to land the app developers who have processes to take care of the above rules. It will be of aid in your journey as in making a successful business.

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