What Should You Do When You Have a New Website Idea?

One great idea leads to innovative outcome provided it is channelized properly and materialized effectively. The idea may be related to a product, a service or even a website. Web application development involves various stages such as accurate planning, researching, designing, consulting, programming, testing and training.


You can pass on your website ideas to a web development company that retains the services of programmers called web developers who specialize in the development of World Wide Web (www) application and work on technologies such as HTML, Java Script and CSS and on the server side framework such as Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP ASP etc.


The following 10 steps may be taken up for transforming a website idea into a commercially viable product


1: Selection of a suitable Name


Right nomenclature adds immensely to the chance of success of your product. Generate as many of root words as you can. The first set of roots needs to be literal, in line with the product category such as travel, music fashion etc. Make use of figurative concepts and find synonyms. You may also use examples and types.


2: Registration of a Domain and Setting Up of a Social Media Account


The domain establishes the online presence of your product. The domain can be bought from registrar such as Go Daddy or Name Cheap. The social Media account takes you to NameChk for confirming the availability of your user name.


3: Making a Static Site “Coming Soon”


By the time your product is launched, create a static website that makes description of your product and exhibits a countdown timer for the final launch.


4: Signing with Beta Users and Referral Marketing


Despite having a static site, make use of services like that of preliminary for signing up with beta users and giving them early access for referrals. This was you can keep your potential customers informed.


5: Engagement with Potential Users


For the continuity of your social accounts, make regular publication and keep your users engaged. You can start blogging and hosting contests on Facebook and Twitter.


6: Team Formation


Form a team with people who have prior experience as web developers and whom you know will add some solid shape and strength to your idea.


7: Registration for Business Emails


Once your social account and ‘coming soon’ website are in stream, get registered for business mails that will distinguish your personal life from your professional work.


8: Researching & Analyzing Potential Competition


For assessing what your competitors are doing in the market, you need to search beyond the Google. Your effort should be to find out the identities of your potential competitors and what their lacunas and weak points are. Make their cons your pros!


9: Launching Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


Set up Customer Relation Management (CRM) module such as Fresh desk, Zoho or Zen-desk while launching your product so that the users of your products can report errors and bugs instantly. Dealing with clients’ feedback and reviews is always recommended for a lasting business.


10: Going beyond the MVP


You can now look out for mentors and partners who can supplement your new website idea by funding so that it grows and develops in the right commercial path.


An excellent website idea needs to be channelized precisely right from its incubation to its launch. Don’t just be a think-tank, be an equally smart planner and an even better executor to make the most of your web application development idea!

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