White label taxi app is not worth it: Why you need custom development?

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If you are looking for ways to improve the service quality of taxi business, then a mobile app is the best solution. It is always a good idea to invest in mobile apps when it comes to providing quality service. Uber is one of the popular taxi service providers that are highly in demand inn regional market. Many enterprises are looking to build taxi apps like Uber for different verticals. There are several factors to consider while developing a mobile app like Uber. When you are trying to find a suitable solution to build taxi app, there are many mobile app development companies providing white label solutions.


White Label solution might seem like a perfect solution for your taxi app, as it saves a lot of money and time. But, there are certain risks involved in terms of reliability. Experts recommend choosing custom app development over white label solution.


What is white label solution?

White label solution refers to a fully supported service that is made by one company and sold by another. These services are sold to a company without a branding. The buyer company resells the solution with their brand logo and identity. White label solutions can help you use your business resources effectively. In today’s world, it is referred to as a software application that is customized as per the reseller.


White label taxi apps come in packages that include an app for drivers, passengers etc. so e of the popular features in white label apps are as below:


  • Support for credit card payments
  • The automated payout for drivers
  • Ability to customize the interface
  • Cloud hosting, data archive, map integration etc


In most of the cases, the app developers rent them out using subscription models. Some companies work with white label models and provide clients with unique apps.


Benefits and drawbacks of white label solutions

Although there are a number of benefits of white label apps, many companies do not prefer them. Let us first understand what makes white label solutions so attractive.


a.) White label solutions help you develop an app in less time. You need not wait for the app development team to plan and design the UI, as everything has already been done. This way you can be saved from losing competitive advantage on the market.

b.) Choosing a ready-made solution is always cost-effective than developing a product from scratch. You neither have to work with investors nor app developers. Many companies found it easier to sign an agreement with white label solution providers. As they can be customized as per requirement, businesses get an opportunity to get their own design and branding.

c.) Maintaining white label solution is no more a problem for companies, as everything is taken care of by the company that provides white label solutions. Deploying and updating the code is too burdensome for business owners.


Drawbacks of white label solutions


Despite the benefits, many companies do not prefer white label solutions. Here are some of the drawbacks of white label solutions.

a.) Lack of control over code is one of the biggest drawbacks of white label solutions. You will not have access to the backend to evaluate the code quality. You don’t have an option other than trusting the white label solution provider. Moreover, you will not have any idea of what is happening in terms of testing and maintenance.

b.) White label solutions are cloud-based, which means you have to transfer the data to the cloud. There is no guarantee that the servers are reliable. To overcome this problem, it is better to find a white label solution provider who allows you to export data and protects your data when the server is down.

c.) As white label solutions are readymade, you don’t have the option to customize as per your preference and requirement. White labels apps are not suitable for complex business logic. If your business app requirements are too complicated, you may have to choose custom app development.

White labels apps may be rejected after submitting to the app store due to many reasons like – poor user interface, copied functionalities, lack of design etc. So, if you are planning to develop a successful taxi app, you need to choose custom app development.


Why you need custom development?

Taxi apps have become popular after the development of Ola and Uber-like apps.  There are different types of taxi apps that help you run an ongoing taxi booking services. When it comes to developing taxi apps, there are many instances when you need to go with custom app development.

1.) If you have already figured out what you want to include in your taxi app, then custom app development is the best option.

2.) Custom app development is the best option for taxi apps because you are serving a unique set of customers with a unique service.

3.) If you don’t want the same portfolio as your competitors and looking for fresh one, custom solutions are the best. White label solutions may not be able to showcase your brand in the unique way you want.

4.) Get your on-demand taxi app that enhance your competitive edge and increase revenue. There are many app development companies that consider your business requirements and develop custom taxi app to expand your taxi business globally.


Custom app development ensures you get a dedicated team for support and maintenance. It is built on the robust cloud to offer high scalability as per your business requirements.


Although white label solutions appear as an all-in-one solution, they may not suitable for large and complex apps. If you are looking to build a solid taxi app, it is always better to get a quote on developing it from the scratch. Being a reliable app development company, we have developed taxi apps for our previous clients. Investing in a taxi app will not only help your passengers, take their expectations to the next level.

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