Why Custom E-commerce Software Scores Above Premade when it Comes to Enterprises?

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By 2021, the total number of online shoppers will reach 2.14 billion Worldwide. Modern eCommerce businesses today want to serve clients and simplify the purchasing process for them. An easy and fast shopping experience that offers personalization and friendliness to customers is doable with custom eCommerce software. Custom eCommerce software is crafted to meet the specific needs of businesses.


Intense competition in the global eCommerce arena has pitted business owners against each other, with all fighting to find a competitive edge in the market. Business owners need a solution that reflects their uniqueness through unique features. For example, a suite of fancy features boosts conversion rates. However, most premade e-commerce solutions fail at enabling customization options and serve a standardized, predictable offering instead.


Here we discuss the need for custom eCommerce software above premade options readily available in the markets:


Why Custom E-commerce Software Scores Above Premade when it Comes to Enterprises?


I.) Customizable Products

Businesses that allow their shoppers to customize the products they buy should leverage custom eCommerce software to do so. It gives shoppers a wide variety of choices to customize the product before purchase and can help businesses convert them into loyal followers of their brand. However, customers may want to customize different variables like size, colour, design, etc. With customizations, many different variables come into action, and each personalized product may command a different price. A premade eCommerce software cannot accommodate multiple customization features in one solution. Vendor catered eCommerce solutions often fail to provide all options for even a single product. Thus, enterprises selling customizable solutions require sophisticated custom e-commerce software to manage and process them efficiently.


II.) Unique Shipping Requirements

Ecommerce businesses that sell objects of uniform size and weight without any specific requirements are well-served with premade vendor-made eCommerce solutions. However, enterprises that aim to sell a greater variety of products through digital presence may face more complexities when it comes to shipping. Even in the case of international shipping, enterprises have to manage different customer requirements for their clients. Moreover, some businesses deal in products like tobacco, fine art, personal care products etc. that require varying temperature-controlled shipping. For each of these businesses, a custom eCommerce software fares better as it helps streamline shipping options using custom features such as volumetric shipping charges, weight-based shipping charges, destination-based shipping charges etc.


III.) Multiple Vendors

The transformational age of eCommerce makes it possible for businesses to allow other sellers to sell through their own eCommerce platform. Multiple vendors, however, may prefer different carriers and may have unique shipping needs. Thus, eCommerce enterprises that host products from numerous vendors are better off using a custom-built e-commerce system.


IV.) Custom Coupons and Promo Codes

While premade eCommerce software allows shoppers to buy using coupon codes, the scope of their use is minimal. Businesses that have different rules for using promo codes like when a shopper can use the code only up to a fixed number of times, or use it for only a certain kind or brand of items find it challenging to execute it with out-of-the-box solutions. Using a custom eCommerce software can however allow a business to factor in as many rules about coupons and promo codes as they want.


How custom ecommerce is better than premade software for enterprises


V.) Integration with APIs and Other Systems

API integrations can level up the success of eCommerce business by customizing the website to suit the unique needs of their clients and revamping the way it looks. Moreover, Integrating eCommerce websites with other systems like inventory management software, customer success system, or accounting software can enable multiple functionalities that can benefit the business. However, both these cases call custom eCommerce software development.


VI.) Specific Credit Card Processing

Premade e-commerce solutions rarely offer support for all credit card processors. While most small businesses have a bank’s credit card processing service, enterprises usually end up choosing another company due to lower fees or instant availability of funds. This is why they need custom eCommerce solutions for their business.


VII.) Advanced Security

ECommerce businesses are highly susceptible to security breaches. Hacking attempts on eCommerce sites result in considerable losses in terms of customer’s data and their financial data. Most eCommerce businesses struggle when it comes to safeguarding their customers’ data like their payment card information. Thus companies need third-party support via a custom-built platform to ascertain the security of their e-commerce platform. A custom-built eCommerce software will leverage the expertise of developers and security professionals to protect customers’ information in best possible ways.


VIII.) Scaling

Every business that counts on out-of-the-box e-commerce solutions tends to outgrow it at one point or the other. As they scale, they face limitations of the premade solutions that hamper their growth. Even for improving crucial metrics like the average revenue per customer, repeat buyers and cart abandonment rates, pre-built solutions have little to offer. The convenience and simplicity that custom eCommerce software offer to enterprises seems all too powerful when compared to premade software.


IX.) Synchronize Inventory Stock and Vendor Network

Businesses that intend to scale maintain a thriving amount of products in stock. They feel the need to continuously connect with vendors to fill in their inventory when they run out of it. Custom-built e-commerce solutions can efficiently compare the eCommerce inventory management system to the network of vendors to automate inventory refills. Custom software can automatically generate orders as and when a few of the listed products are left in stock.



As sales escalate to become completely internet-driven, numerous enterprises turn to premade solutions to make an easy entry into the world of eCommerce. However, readymade eCommerce software comes with limited features with standardized outcomes. Custom eCommerce software, on the other hand, enables state-of-the-art features like specific shipping rules, unique business requirements, custom reporting, payment security, SEO optimization, etc. in addition to more creative flexibility to the business. Regardless of whether you choose to build a custom eCommerce software from scratch or customize a premade vendor-based solution, you would have to keep the features, integrations, functionality, and customizations in consideration, in the solution you choose.


Opting for most popular technologies on the market, our team at Promatics designs and develops E-commerce software solutions that serve the unique needs of each business. Custom ecommerce development doesn’t need to be costly or time-consuming. Our team puts in their domain expertise and years of experience to work to come up with most befitting custom software for your eCommerce business. We craft the software keeping the exact specifications and requirements of our client businesses in mind. Our custom developed software maximizes usability, features and even design. We leverage an in-depth understanding of the business operations of our clients, understand their business models and deliver online stores that align with their organization’s mission. Our custom eCommerce software development helps enterprises manage different processes simultaneously. We execute software customizations that can enhance the overall user experience, increase revenue and boost sales. We build scalable eCommerce platforms are an excellent investment for every enterprise that seeks growth.

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