Why ‘Mobile First’ may already be outdated?

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“Mobile first” and “mobile only” these terms are coming over the years now. It all started before the iPhone the software building people hacked the brains, processes, and the companies and ensure that the only thing which we start thinking is “mobile first” and not the “web first”. The impact of “mobile first” is a huge one even it brings the books, courses, and conferences about it. It sounds like the “mobile first” is the future of us. But, this is just a flow of technology. Has anyone thought that whether this is true or not? Is really the “mobile first” our future? And if it is true, then why the entire successful mobile businesses have been building web apps designed recently for larger screens? I guess here, the thing which matters is the screen and not the devices. That is why now the mobile app-drive companies building the complementary web pages for the use of the larger screen.


Screens matter and not the devices-

Well about screen we still cannot stay firm on one size. A few months before, phones and tablets are the most popular amongst the people. When the new category of Phablet was about to launch all the people laughed at it. But then Phablet became the most popular device. It even stagnates the sales of the tablet. So, new things with different screen keep coming and the ideal screen size still not fixed.


Why ‘Mobile First’ may already be outdated?


So what exactly the mobile is all about? Is it about devices? Are we obsessed with it? Is it right to get obsessed with the specific device? Lots of questions and definitely it will open the number of answers and opinions. Conceptually the mobile is not about devices. It just gives an access to consume and publish the information. Also, to be fair obsessing about some specific devices is not right. Technology gets changed at every moment and we cannot imagine what we will see the next thing coming. With the advanced technology surely the new things or devices which introduce in the market are well advanced as compared to the earlier devices available in the market. Then how can we get obsessed with the single device?

Also, with technology, there is no such thing that only one will sufficient. Like iOS and Android OS. Both are important. Getting obsessed with phone versus tablet is not right either. As with time, both got merged and came up with Phablet. So, this all shows us that, obsessing with one specific device is not right because it is evolving continuously. All the things which we do are for getting the information. So it is clear that the information we get is through the screens and not through the devices.

Well, if we think about the one thing which is constant with all this frequently changing scenario of devices and screen size is a big screen. No matter what device has come to the market and what technology and features it has but big screens are never going to be outdated. It is the only screen size on which we can depend on. Even in this digital era and fast changing pace of screens the dominant screen for work- place is still a large one. We cannot do everything on the small screen. To do some particular work the big screens are the better option. Thus, whether it is laptop or monitor, at home or the workplace, big screens have their own impact and this will never change. So, overall it is not just about mobile first, but it is about big screens and small ones both.


Is “Mobile Only” a small niche of consumer business?

Many consumer services use mobile devices more than the desktop devices. For many people, most of the time their mobile screen is their primary screen. But it is not a universal pattern. And the new screens which are coming are not of phones only. Mobile screens may still be the most important and dominant thing for many people, but it is not the only one. Thus, if the things which matter are screens and not the devices then this clears that “Mobile only” businesses may be a small niche of consumer businesses.


Supporting role of “Mobile” for Business software-

For business software, the first preference will be the larger screen rather than the mobile screen. Because, for the software for getting the work done like, slack, Google Docs, etc. the larger screen is the most important one. The mobile app here plays the different role to the large screens app more specifically the secondary role. The mobile app plays the supporting role to the large screens and thus for the business software.


Long Term Failure for the “Mobile” Service Business-

The “Mobile” Service Businesses are setting and pitching themselves as “Mobile only” or ‘Mobile first” such as mobile marketing services. But these businesses are setting themselves for the short term success because they are targeting the small screen specifically for mobile. And the screen scenario changes frequently. For the long term success, the businesses have to offer the complete service for across all the screens. Offering the service for ‘mobile only’ is a temporary state in which we are now but it will change and then the ‘mobile’ service Businesses will have to face the long-term failure.


Focus on Job and Screens not on the devices-

Never ever focus on the device. If not the ‘mobile first’ or ‘mobile only’ then what is to focus for? Well the most better and right approach is focusing on the JOB and then on the Screens. Not matter what device come and go in the market. And doesn’t even matter what is popular outside. But focusing on what type of jobs the users try to do and serving them accordingly is the best way. Rather than thinking and targeting the specific device, it is always fruitful to think about the screen which best suit for the input and also the screen which best suit for the output. This will go for the long term purpose and will cover all the essential thing of for the marketing.

Many people may have the different opinion on this topic. They may have their own experiences for backing their ideas. But it is the market after all. It is uncertain. The important thing in the marketing is to target and focus on the right thing. With concern to “mobile only” or ‘mobile first’, both are for short term. It will stay till the temporary state of mobile only products will there. Once it gets changed, then the whole scenario will get change. That is why the “Mobile First” may already be outdated.

This uncertainty of “Mobile only” or “Mobile first” products has guessed by some of the mobile driven companies. That is why those companies are building web pages for use on large screens. Even the most successful businesses of mobile driven are also getting their web apps designed for the larger screens. They have understood the importance of big screen and how the large screens are always better for many types of input. Even big screens are the most preferred choice for most of the people at a time. The businesses are clear now that it is not about devices, but about the screens that matter. займы онлайн без залога hairy woman займ на карту маэстро онлайнзайм удобные деньгионлайн займ на карту круглосуточно

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