Our design approach offers the flexibility of accommodating changes and rectifying issues as soon as they surface. Our aim is to design such products that enhance satisfaction levels of users by offering them great usability, high accessibility, and the sheer pleasure in the interaction between the user and the desired product.

Web & Mobile App Design

Our Design process consists of four phases viz. Discovery, Research, UXD and development.

  • Discovery
  • Research
  • UXD
  • Development

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Ms Moira Johnston

Ms Moira Johnston

Comma Promatics Technologies has been an extremely valuable partner for us in developing our custom portal. This project is very complex and they understood our needs very well. They are constantly on top of communication; we never had to wait to hear from them. They are extremely honest and have kept their word from beginning to end. They completed the project on time and on budget. We are now using them for other projects and highly recommend them to our frie... Read more

Design Phases


During discovery we study the users’ world, helping the facilitation of conversations and activities that help us clearly articulate answers to all questions. We perform analysis; define the strategy to build the app.



We have a dedicated Research and Development team that finds out who the core users are, what they want, and how to build a product that will fulfill the user requirements. They are experts in User Research and Market Analysis.



As a highly critical aspect of a mobility initiative, we place user experience & design in the forefront. As such, our mobility team comprises of Interaction Designers, Product Designers, and Experience Designers. We are a dedicated team of user experience & mobile design experts who ensure top-notch results for all our user engagements keeping in mind the user experience design aspect and considerations. .



Our robust mobile applications have been implemented using responsive designs and work across different devices & operating systems. We provide full end-to-end services from Mobile strategy development consulting, user experience design to Mobile Development & Testing Services.

Design considerations and Standards followed at Promatics

Assess Current Situation

It is one of the most important steps to first find out whether you actually need to develop a mobile website and who is your target audience. We evaluate current and future requirements for sustainable mobile apps and infrastructure. We also perform evaluation of the numerous mobility platforms and frameworks to choose the most suitable options for development with maximum reusable assets.


User-Centered Mobile Design

Our designs are User-centered. We rely on user involvement throughout our design process, in order to develop a solution that users will find useful and relevant to use. To achieve that, we first need to have a clear understanding of the users and their requirements. 


Mobile Design Considerations

The mobile user is subject to being in environments and conditions of usage, that include distractions, multitasking, motion, lighting conditions and poor connectivity. We keep all these factors in mind while designing the app.


Simplify Navigation

Our aim is to simplify navigation to the highest level. As mobile devices have smaller screens and the need to intuitively navigate quickly becomes vital to complete tasks faster. We use clear, concise and consistent labels for navigation across the site. We provide access key shortcuts for opening links



We offer a full range of consultation, design, development, marketing, support, e-commerce and cloud based services and our awards include:

Design at Promatics


Minimize User Input

It is painful to enter data on smaller screens and the process may get tedious and frustrating. Keeping these points in mind we minimize user inputs.


Precise content

We cut down on excessive content that may be of little relevance to users. We make sure that the content is prioritized according to users’ needs and we display the most relevant content.

Case Study

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